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Postby Onissarle on Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:40 pm

When I was younger, they used to confiscate my pencils becuase I wasn't allowed to play with anything that sharp... Hmmmm... I've forgotten why that's relevant.

Anyway, I finally got a new pencil sharpener and finished off my recolouring of my earlier Pepe picture. This one turned out much better, I hope David likes it. I still have some detail to add on the belt and highlights to add to the eyes and nose when I find a white-out pen.

For my second attempt at this style of colouring, I think I'm doing pretty well.
- Onissarle

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Postby Mikaiten on Thu Apr 18, 2002 4:57 pm

I'd say you are doing more than just "well." This is really good.


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Postby Garoshy on Thu Apr 18, 2002 9:36 pm

Yeah real good!
By the way what's the problem with you artists? Allways "I'm not so good at drawing I'm not so good.."
You don't realize how good you are and how lucky you are to have sutch great GIFT!!

Well it good to see you use you gift... I've grown up with a guy that had a great gift with drawing but he never uses it.
"Oh I'm not so very good" He doesn't realize how good potentional he has, that anoyis ME!

Well, back to the were ever I started with... You have great potentional for drawing! Don't you denie that!
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Postby Michael Ezaiany on Fri Apr 19, 2002 3:16 am

I've said it already and I'll say it again. You're a great artist Oni and I wish that someday, I'll be able to draw like you.
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Postby DarkBlood_Warwing on Fri Apr 19, 2002 5:14 am

textured shirt, looks like cotten.

blue sknunks eh? hmmmmm, what if they did come in that color?
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Postby Onissarle on Fri Apr 19, 2002 7:37 am

You don't realize how good you are and how lucky you are to have sutch great GIFT!!

Why do people find it so hard to believe that at 15 peple still had a hard time telling my drawings of tea pots from my drawings of cats? I was born with no artistic talent and that didn't change through my childhood. I wanted to draw but never could. Then, at around 16 (A little while after I really became emersed in the furry/draconic scene) I became obsessed and I only gained my 'skill' rather than talent due to the fact I was drawing 6-12 pictures a day, every day, of every week, for about two years. I drew through lessons, exams, lectures, assemblies, everything.

Self critical artists don't annoy me, if they weren't self critical, they wouldn't improve and their egos would rapidly over-inflate (I know one or two like that). What really annoys me is people that whine about wanting to be able to draw but never put in the level of effort required to teach yourself. 'Striker' has tried and found that he genuinely can't teach himself, he has a right to whine about it *wink* but I know one person that kept on about how they want to draw better and good enough to sell art (currently, I could mistake theirs for that of a four year old) but when I asked them how much they practice, they said they only draw something once or twice a month. I find that a lot of people try for a couple of months then give up.


I've completely forgotten what my original point was going to be. So ...ummm... don't be so hard on people who are self critical, it helps us improve... or do you want us to stop improving?

Anyway, I'm dribbling nonsense again so here is my finally finished picture of Pepe. I've added the black hair tips, belt shading, and the nose and eye highlights.

I remember this pic being suggested by someone, so, any more suggestions on who/what to draw?
- Onissarle

"Then another wonder was seen in heaven, a huge dragon" -Revelations, the New Testament, the Bible.
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Postby -Penance- on Fri Apr 19, 2002 12:47 pm

My artistic skill developed basically from boredom. I didn't draw much until about 5th grade, where I'd start doodling pictures for this game my friend made called Cats on Wheels [where you would make a cat character, equip him with weapons, and fight other people's characters - it was a turn-based tabletop game... Kind of Final Fantasy on paper] and then in 6th grade where I first started drawing anthros. I used to have a big thing for drawing mecha and weapons [the latter of which I still do] but I pretty much only draw furries now.

Up until about 8th grade, I have to say, my art looked like shit. Like, now I'm on the level of "okay"... Back then it was just, like... Eugh. But it was something I stuck with - I didn't let the fact that my drawings sucked get to me, because I needed something to do in class while I was supposed to be paying attention.

Now, I guess, I realize that schoolwork is important [or I can kiss that design engineering career goodbye] so I rarely draw things - also because I've become such a perfectionist in terms of 'Okay, this is exactly how I want this picture to look. How close can I get?' that it takes me days, weeks, and even <i>months</i> to finish a single piece.

This, of course, is why I could never hope to spit out a fancomic for Jack or RTD. Le sigh.
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