Field of War...

Postby Cypress on Wed Apr 17, 2002 12:59 am

Nice, for the longest time we thought you were dead... one of us will fit you in shortly. That actualy gives me a few ideas...
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Postby Garoshy on Wed Apr 17, 2002 1:31 am

Garoshy looks back a the group with a puzzled look..
"So you guyes thought me dead?
He looks at Cypress before speaking again only now with a grin on his face. "Well I thought that too for second back there. I have no idea for who long or how I got knocked out... When I came finaly came to my sences I spent the longest time to track you guyes down..."
"Now what are we going to do now? I'm ready for some pay back time!!"

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Postby Foddercat on Wed Apr 17, 2002 3:52 pm

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Postby Surtur on Fri Apr 19, 2002 12:56 pm

(ooc, if this post doesn't fit, just tell me and i'll remove it. Anything to get this thread jumpstarted again, though :wink: )

A moment of incredulous silence filled the dining hall, only to be broken by the quiet clearing of a throat. The congregation turned their attention to a solitary figure walking casually into the hall.

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