Comic Tally

Comic Tally

Postby Doodler on Thu Oct 03, 2002 11:07 pm

So I'm sitting here, looking in my folder for my comics on my own hard drive. Something around 125 or so image files. So I think this could mean I've done over 100 comics. But then I think back to all those filler strips, apology strips, excuse strips, etc...that I did.

So I have a request: if someone would feel like it/have the time/want to for whatever godknowswhat reason, perhaps that someone could count how many actual strips I've done? I'd just want to know for my own personal tally, and that's just about it.

I can't offer any reward, seeing as getting these comic strips up on time is stressing me enough as it is. I can promise a shoutout in the News, but that's it. I can only pray that someone would want to do this out of the goodness of his/her own heart.
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Just because I love ya ...

Postby S.W.Winchester on Sat Oct 05, 2002 11:03 pm

119 total strips in archive
21 of those are either filler or not by you.
7 of those are questionable : they might count, they might not.
This leaves 91 actual strips by you, 98 if we count the questionables.

Two more strips and you can say "100!" ... or 9 if you want to not count the questionables.

-S.W. Winchester
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i aint ded!

Postby Jagged tooth grin on Sun Oct 20, 2002 1:59 am

yeah, im still around, i just totally forgot to come visit these forums in like, 5 months, and an interesting 5 months they where

yeah, when i hit 100 comics i sat there thinking "and how many of them are filler strips?" and i think my response was "a whole lot"
oh well, without counting filler strips i must have 125 now (#100 was a long time ago, but ive been really slack) oh well

im sorry if this post seems rambly or anything, i have a headache and my coherency has probably suffered due to it
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