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Postby Illusions abound on Fri Jun 22, 2001 6:39 am

In order to form a more perfect roleplaying experience, I suggest this potential way of differentiations of gender for roleplayed characters.<P>While the common, seemingly gender-neutral "char" is what is most often used, it seems a barbaric way of referring to all such [persons] that are roleplayed. It is an honorific, such as "sir", or "madam". Now, ladies, I doubt if you would like people to go around calling you 'sir'.(however, I acknowledge the fact that there are those who would...)
I propose that this be put into effect:
male characters that are played are referred to as - 'char'
while female characers that are played are referred to as - 'charrie'<P>it makes things much more cohesive as well as understandable, as many of the players that I know are capable of playing across the lines of gender, and are capable of playing male and female characters. (Arcanis, myself, any others here?) Thus, it makes it better understandable to all.<P>Thank you for your time.<P>(and this was only half in jest!! It's a good idea!!)
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