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Album creator game (OT)

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 6:22 am
by Cyril_Dran
SInce we're dead anyways, I figured I'd throw this out to anyone who still watched this poor forum. Credit for the idea goes to the moderator of Dr. Ashen's Forum, although he apparently also stole it from somewhere else.. (


As a sample. This is my roommate Zavion's submission for the same game.. the rules are as follows.

(Pinched directly from Dr. A's forum)

1. Take a random article title from Wikipedia. That is your band name.
2. Take the last four words from the last quote on Quotations Page's 'random quotations' page. That is your album title.
3. Take the third picture from Flickr's Interesting photo page. That is your album cover.
4. Put 'em together!

Useful Links!

Band Name:
Album Title:
Cover Art: