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Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 5:51 pm
by Micro_Fur
First off: Congrats Allan! *throws confetti and pops noise-makers* Second, I am almost certain that every popular furry comic on the 'net has been hashed by PoE, and I'm begining to feel it's a sport for us furries to be mentioned on PoE. Though it comes as a surprise I haven't heard anything about yiffstar, VCL, FA, or Yerf from them. I guess those things hidden in plain sight are to difficult to find when you have an IQ less than that of mayonaise.

But I must scold you for one thing Allan, squid and octopii are intelligent mollusks. Had you said gastropods I'd agree whole-heartedly. ;-)

Micro_fur - Mmmmm, calamari. . . .brain food. . . .