Fanart... Allowed?

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Fanart... Allowed?

Post by Tetramorpheus »

^ A picture of Pierce I drew while lazying around on Thanksgiving Break... not my usual style (which is to say that my style varries vastly from piece to piece)... I tried to make him slight, but give him the muscles he'd need to do all those gynmastics, and the 'flex' is an accident resulting from me at first trying to make him have the 'nonchalantly scratching back of head' pose and realizing I couldn't make it look natural at the angle I was working from.

That was supposed to be his cheer uniform, but I've never seen a male cheer uniform up close, so I just tried to make the musculature visible underneath in a sheer way.

He probably looks more college age than high schooler here... it's been a while since I was around teenage male musculature...


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Post by Allan_ecker »

Fanart is not only allowed but encouraged, although I do have this lame habit of never remembering to update the fanart gallery.

I mean, like, worse than average for webcomics which is already bad.


Oh and nice pic! Pierce looks a bit more ripped than usual... perhaps he's been doing strength training to better hurl his fellow cheer member into the stratosphere? :D
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