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Forum Rules

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I didn't think there'd ever have to be rules here. I thought that the forum would never have enough regular readers and posters to warrant such formalities.

Basically, I assumed this place would always be like a very small family. But the size of this community has grown recently, and the sense of this place being just a little place where you pop in to jaw about this one comic is being replaced by a sense of this being something of a community albeit a very small one.

So now I think there should be some rules to keep things from getting out of control:

1: Be nice.

Most important rule of all by far. This extends to just about everything you might say, from criticisms of my art ant the art of others (constructive criticism is always welcome, but a little tact goes a long way) to general discussion.

2: Tag things which go NC-17. Because I don't want to ban it outright.

Some people can read that post describing in graphic detail how to enjoy anal sex without blinking, but for those whose eyeballs may melt upon seeing such things, please label really adult stuff. I'll be doing it myself if a topic drifts, or if someone forgets. No censorship, though. Just a labeling policy.

3: No politics.

This is not a political comic. No matter how many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people there are in it, I will always make every effort to keep politics out of it. If people in the world of politics wish to make our right to live life like everyone else, to not be ashamed of ourselves, to be part of the mainstream into a political issue, then that's their problem.

As to the question, "what qualifies as politics" for now I'm going to define it as discussion concerning laws, bills, political races, or political figures in a political context. For example, jokes about Bill Clinton's promiscuity are fair game, but his policies on free trade are not.
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