The New VCL version of the galleries

Postby Allan_ecker on Mon Apr 02, 2001 8:49 am

(Which, by the way, is on that little teeny tiny link up at the top of the page.)
Yes, the VCL, that infamous database of "spooge" artwork and other furry abominations is now linked to Umlaut House. Enjoy! If you check out the base directory, you'll uncover a world of furry artists of varrying complexity and insanity. One quick note: Doug Winger, like others, is an artist in sexual hyperbole. (Read: Watch for hermaphrodites with really, REALLY big bits and breasts.) The reason I warn you is that he is VERY prolific and if you're just checking in on those that have 400 or more images, he'll be on your short list.
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