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Postby Afuji on Sun May 27, 2001 1:28 am

<img src="http://eavansei.com/afuji/art/gifts/toerahj.jpg"><p>
^^;;;; This came out really baddddd~ so sorry! This was kinda rushed~ I hope you like it anyway. I wasnt sure of the colors so I kinda guessed. Uh, I gave Caesar blue streaks in the front of his hair cos when I was looking at this pic <a href="http://caesar.keenspace.com/images/g_sniff.jpg">here(http://caesar.keenspace.com/images/g_sniff.jpg)</a> it looked like he had em.....^^;;;; er, ah, oh well. I really like this comic, the art is fantastic and the plot is really interesting! Keep up the great work!!!!!
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Postby Emily Teal Young on Wed Jun 06, 2001 7:08 am

Waaaiii, Antony looks adorable! ^___^ ... But where has Erah been recently? O.o;
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