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hmmmmmm.. art school good. Yes... goood
Majoring in film? This is good. If you're doing comics, studying other comics will only weaken you. I'm glad to hear you're studying film. Tell me, do you really learn good techniques for storytelling from studying film? I hear that what made Tezuka "god of manga" Osamu such a strong storyteller is he incorporated european cinematic techniques into his comics. Because the US didn't have a old comic master who did study cinematics I feel they're weaker for it. Did you learn anything good? Recommend any classes? If you found any nice tips I'd love to hear them. I can't figure out why you even brought art school up, but I think its a good thing and it only makes ya stronger.<P>Just like Quake III, the difference in skill between one player and the next is how many hours a day they practice.<P>Anyway, I like your stuff. Just tell me if you want some fanart, I could use the excuse to draw. My fav part was that columbine/matrix thing.. evil but it made me laugh. And you know, for some reason I love seeing that little critter sit behind that desk like Johnny Carson congratulating himself for 10,000 completed strips. Image bounced around in my head for months. ANyway, keep the stuff up. Don't let your grades suffer by doing Naughty too much, organize your time and do both. That's it for now. Email me at grin43@hotmail.com if there's anything else you wanna say. Don't know when I'll come to this forum next. Bye<P>PS Shame about those Buddha's.
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