update for 16-Oct-05

update for 16-Oct-05

Postby Tangho on Mon Oct 17, 2005 10:48 am

TWC: in fact, in ancient China, girls could be married and be a mother as young as 14.

TAV: I need some break. next update should be on 30-Oct-05

HCT. She asked for it.
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Postby Anker Steadfast on Tue Oct 18, 2005 6:44 am

TWC : A technical loophole in Danish law allows for marriage with someone whom is only 14, however, they cannot have sex with said person until she's at least 16 and even then it's kinda iffy leagally.

Then ofcourse, there's the fact that since the marriage is not fully consummerated, the young partner can then get a divorce if the marriage has not been consummerated within a year - She/he must, however, give their full consent to the act.

Then, if the male/wife agrees to do this the young partner can sue them for child-molestion. And if they don't they can divorce them with full rights and take *half* of all posessions ... even if a pre-nuptial agreement was signed prior to marriage. After all, it's void if it was not consummerated.

Weird laws.

TAV : Boobies ! :o

HCT : Wait, wait ... is this a good or a bad situation ? ... she might like it! :lol:
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