Postby Ben on Fri Oct 19, 2001 3:20 am

I think there's going to be some great disaster involving Roland, and most likely Lindsey... I can just see it coming. And it's a great plot twist, if it comes true.<P>I'm not sure what... either she rejects him and he commits suicide... or he date-rapes her... or something like that.<P>Something that would wreak havoc with the basic reality that the characters live in...
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Postby MagicIAN on Fri Oct 19, 2001 6:51 am

Ooh!! Josh, can I take this one??? Come on... Ah, you're prolly right, answering people's predictions never helped anyone's storyline, especially the Scream Trilogy, wherein the 3rd installment lacked in suspense due to all the hype and answered predictions and the fact that Kevin Williamson didn't write that one, although he wrote the other two. It was obvious, too... the style was all different and there was only 1 killer... how pathetic.. A Scream 3? Trilogilogically, the 3rd installment should have had at least 2 killers, if not 3, to make the final fight the most difficult of all... and Dewey should have died... it was about time he died, and I'm sure if Kevin Williamson wrote it, Dewey would have died. After having been stabbed 5 or so times in Scream 1 and then 7 or so in Scream 2 and then living with nothing more than an arm brace, its not right! Williamson would have had to end Dewey's life right there... he was a well known character and for the last Scream in its series, the well known character must die... its like a rule or something, and Aeris from Final Fantasy is living (er.... Dead, really) proof of this. Dewey broke the rules, and its because Williamson didn't write Scream 3. He was too busy producing Dawson's Creek to care about Scream anymore. So some Kreuger (hahah...? no joke!) wrote Scream 3. Maybe it was an alias, but who knows? It seems coincidental to be a horror film writer for a Wes Craven production and be called Kreuger, doesn't it? Check the credits of Scream 3, I ain't lying to ya... So yeah, Dewey should have died... so maybe Scream 3 wasn't as predictable as i thought it should have been, where some expectations needed to be met... like when Dewey had the knife thrown at his head in Scream 3, and it twirled and twirled until it hit him (back side; the blade didn't touch him), he should have staggered back, which would relieve the tension of the audience, since they think that Dewey would live (which is what happened... in the theater, you could hear the collective sound of a loud sigh from the entire audience..and then the laughter at the situation...Laughter!! Scream 3 was a comedy!! What on Earth was Kreuger thinking, turning a terrific horror film into a comedy? Crazy psycho)...but in a Kevin Williamson version, Dewey might stagger back, if the knife's dull end had hit him in the head, so the audience would feel 1 or 2 seconds of relief (timing is everything in a horror film) and then the OTHER KILLER would swiftly jump in from behind Dewey and instantaneously a loud stabbing sound would be made, reinforcing the fact that Dewey is being stabbed. A resonating shriek or scream would sound through the theater; Dewey's last breath...<P>Back to reality; about your prediction, if i don't keep the future of Stubble a well kept secret, it will be analogous to the living of Dewey; Josh will change everything to make the story unpredicatable and in metaphor, Dewey wouldn't die.... and it would be unfortunate. And it was unfortunate. Dewey should really have died. Williamson should have kept writing Scream. Stupid Kreuger. Anyway, i'm out.. homework on Friday night. What a beach... WRITE!!!
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Postby MiKE on Fri Oct 19, 2001 9:19 am

You've put a lot of thought into this havent you?
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Postby Angelfeathers on Wed Oct 31, 2001 2:43 am

What's wrong with you? Kill Dewey? How could you speak of such...<P>mmmmmm ^_^ Deweeey...
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Postby Magic Emperor Dave on Wed Oct 31, 2001 12:14 pm

Ian... shut up.
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