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Postby Crazeyal on Mon Oct 15, 2001 3:11 am

I am from NYC.<P>I saw the towers fall. My home will never be the same. The people STILL aren't. I still am not.<P>But to see a fine piece of artwork, like this comic, END because of the insanity infecting a small group is something that is wrong.<P>Please continue.
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Postby Moonbuzz on Wed Oct 17, 2001 3:31 am

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Postby Richard Cobbett on Thu Oct 18, 2001 5:23 am

It didn't end because of that week. The planned strips consisted of Asmodeus clamping onto the Tower, blowing up and taking a massive, MASSIVE chunk out of it, with Devereaux falling to the ground to his supposed death. Not entirely appropriate. So I put it on hiatus for a week. Then for numerous reasons it kept being put back again - it has nothing to do with the Sept. 11 incident and I really need to update the site to reflect that. It's just one of many things that I haven't had time to do. And I have my reasons. Firstly, I lost a few source files in a hard drive crash that need to be rebuilt - notably the Abaddon image. But there are other reasons as well. For instance, it's pretty tough to devote that amount of space to a strip that almost nobody reads. <P>That's probably my fault. I don't like spamming other site owners because I hate spam myself - in particular Donna from Kick Granny's e-mails piss me off immensely. I don't like wasting peoples time with these "Top 5,000,000 Generic 3D" site listings or all the other annoying crap that you seem to have to do these days if you want to be successful. I prefer good, old fashioned word of mouth. It does work. Things that I've written have been ripped off on at least seven message boards - that Doom 2000 thing in particular and the cybersex ICQ prank have turned up a couple of times. I do like the drop-down idea, but apparently I'm alone in that since they get absolutely no hits that I can determine. When I did the original strip, I was getting several hundred visits per day - and that literally took me an hour or so in the evenings. A panel containing Avatar can take that just to render. As time went on, despite people seeming to like the strip, visits dropped extremely sharply.<P>I've had links from a few high-profile sites because individual people like it, but the very next day hits are down to what they were previously. Pretty much the only feedback I get is people bitching that the characters are based on Poser figures, ignoring the backgrounds, lighting, composition and other stuff. Oh no, wait, from a few others I get "Wow. I see somebody's been watching The Matrix." or telling me that the storyline is too simple. Of course it's simple - I wrote it in an afternoon and it was intended to be easy. If I wanted to write Evangelion I'd get a better artist in ;-)<P>Enthralled by the prospect of continuing, I am not. I'm even thinking of returning to a far easier Mitsukado style site, with a heftier amount of graphics and things. Don't know if I will. May do. May continue with this. No decision's been made.<P>------------------
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