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ghost nav not working! oh no!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 7:49 pm
by Hale
Look directly to the right of the navigation buttons. Do you see it?

Because the ghost of the next_day.gif image isn't showing up, that <td> cell has collapsed and the image to the right of it has moved to the left.

I want the next_day_ghosted.gif image to be there because of the overall look of the nav itself so I put the "next_day_ghosted.gif" into the /workspace/images and updated so that it moved into /public_html/images (I double checked, it's there) and performed a full site update.I don't think my html is at fault here. Check out the screenshot:


Does anybody see something I've done wrong here?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 8:57 am
by Hale

Come on, I'm in a bind here. Can't anyone help me out?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:08 am
by Cope
I've known people to solve the problem of non-appearing ghosted images by simply embedding them manually, i.e: using "<img src="/images/next_day_ghosted.gif">" instead of "***next_day***".

It may take a little more fiddling around with to get right than I know, but it's worth a shot.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:17 am
by Hale
since keenspace derrives the comic index archive from copies of the current index, all the previous comic pages will have an embedded Image image next to the real one (in the archives) if I did that.

how do they get around that?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:25 am
by Cope
Although I'm not sure what you mean exactly, my advice is to only use the "<img src="/images/next_day_ghosted.gif">" in your indextemplate code. Keep the ***next_day*** tag in your dailytemplate code.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 9:43 am
by Hale
Sorry, I don't think I explained that correctly. Leme try again.

when keenspace updates your page, it takes the current index and moves it into the archives. If my current index has both the Image image AND the Image navigational keen tag (+ its assigned image), then both will appear in every page before the current one in my archive.

so basically, the nav for every page in my archive would look like this (if I used an img src instead of a ghost)


(where the first "next_day" would be just an image and the second "next_day" image be the real tag. Regardless two will show up in my archive if I put the img src command in there WITH the keen tag. If I only put the img src command, then the option to go forward will not appear.)

is that a little more clear?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:07 am
by Rianeva
The index page of your comic site is based on indextemplate.html. All archive pages are based on dailytemplate.html. When you update your comic, CG creates a _new_ page for the second-to-last comic (which was previously the latest) from the dailytemplate. Putting an image in your indextemplate will not automatically move it to the archive pages when the comic updates unless you're using txt files for rants and putting the navigation tags in there. Code doesn't get transferred between the two files, and indextemplate.html is not used to create pages for old comics as you seem to be thinking.

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:11 am
by Hale
oh neat! thanks!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:12 am
by Cope
After scratching my head for quite some time, I'm guessing you must be using text files to display your buttons. If that's the case, the remedy mentioned above will indeed be no good for you. Sorry.

EDIT: Whoops, nevermind!

PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 10:34 am
by Cope
Oh, and as a preemptive measure:

If you want to know why images in your archived pages are appearing as broken, this might help.