The Reader Hero Thread

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The Reader Hero Thread

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Even though there's an old thread of this, I've decided to make a new one and to make it a sticky so new readers can see it as well.

To those who don't know, this thread is to post your ideas and art for your own created heroes. The point? Well, it's a way to encourage participation in the community and to help me out. How does it help me? Well, if I'm writing a strip and I need a quick idea for a hero I'll turn to this section and see if there's one that I can use. I WILL GIVE YOU CREDIT for that hero in the cast page and in the strip somewhere. I won't steal your idea and claim it off as mine since I'm and artist/graphic designer and wouldn't want anyone doing that to me either. Also, if you just want to post an idea/picture of a hero you made and DO NOT want it to appear in the strip, then just say so.

So, I hope to see/read some new ideas for heroes soon!
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