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PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2002 10:46 am
by Ryan J. Smith
I've put up with enough failure and malfunction from this lousy server. There was supposed to be a new strip TWO DAYS AGO and it still hasn't updated. I'm tired of rotting away in this server full of cliche comics and crappy art and never have a single person read my stuff. I need to find a new server. I need to move. And I have no place to go.
I already have a bunch of things in my life that won't work. I don't need something I do for fun to be one of them.<P>------------------
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 18, 2002 2:08 am
by Proteus454
Infuriating, innit?<P>I'd leave as well, but I don't because the alternative would probably involve paying money.