If it's pseudo-frenchies you want...

Postby Proteus454 on Thu Apr 05, 2001 12:14 am

...then screw New Orleans. Come up to Montreal ^_^ In fact, the Quebecois are almost more frnech then the French themselves at times. Fun Fact: The Stop signs actually say "Stop" in France, wheras here they say "Arrete" (Stop).<P>Just don't call anyone a "Tete de queue" (Literally: Tailhead. Figuratively: Person with a head like an asshole.). It'll get you beaten very, very badly.<P>
Oh, and liking th storyline Ryan! To quote Limp Bizkit as I always do when trying to be encouraging. "Alright Pardner...Keep on rollin' baby!"
Too Legit 2 quit,
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the floor and did the palais glide. Who said we British didn't have it in us."
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