Postby Proteus454 on Sat Nov 18, 2000 8:27 am

Jesus Roller-Blading Christ, Ryan. Not teh happiest of weeks is it? First Gil narrowly escapes getting a number of 9mm holes put in his face, then this happens, and then I flub a babysitting job by...well, let's just say that Alan Foreman would be proud.<P>But I just want to express what to you, Ryan, what I'm sure everyone else on these boards feels as well. Sure Life's a bitch, but look how hard it has to work to keep you down at this point! Just keep trying, keep working with the same drive and determination you've been showing us in this past week,l and I guarantee you Life will lose interest [Life is like a shark, it only goes in for the kill if it senses that you're injured or on the verge of dying; Show it you still have fight, and it will scurry away wimpering] and stop shitting on your face. You've come this far Ryan...don't let the vagaries of fortune and technology hold you back now! GO RYAN!!!<P>Proteus454
Paxil Poster Boy Understudy and Ryan J. Smith Cheerleader Captain<P>PS: You BETTER keep going at it Ryan...I don't pull the pom-poms and do the dancing routine unless I expect MAJOR returns!
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Postby Gil on Sun Nov 19, 2000 1:13 am

Holy Explosive Crystalline Shit, Proty! What are you on? I want some! Pom-poms and Dance routines? SHEEIT!<P>
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