More setbacks, and why life isn't fair (*long string of curs

Postby Ryan J. Smith on Sat Nov 18, 2000 7:20 am

*Ahem* Is this on? Okay good. Okay, Let me just start me saying:<P> <IMG SRC=""><B><I><U>FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!!</B></I></u> <IMG SRC=""><P>Now allow me to explain:<P>My internet connection went into a total relapse yesterday, That's the <B><I>FIRST</I> out of a recent series of the shittiest goddamned things that've ever fucking happened to me, ever.</B><P>It gets worse:<P>So, I couldn't re-install it, so I had to "Quick-Restore" my computer, meaning I had to COMPLETELY ERASE EVERYTHING I HAD ON MY HARD DRIVE, <B>Shitty Thing #2.</B><P>Before I did that however, I backed up my files on Zip Disks. But that took ALL DAY LONG, <B>Shit #3.</B><P>I quick restored, which took about an hour, mind you, and set up some of my stuff, EXCEPT what I had backed up, because for SOME reason, the Iomega Drive refuses to install. <B>Shit 4.</B><P>This knocks me down just as I begin getting back on my feet again, just like EVERY fucking time I get back on my feet again. My life may not be the hardest, but it sure as fuck isn't fair. <B>Shit #5</B><P>I got shit on my shoes. <B>Shit #6.</B><P>*Sigh...*<P>That's pretty much it. My weekend's turned to shit, and so has my dignity. Tomorrow, however, I should be able to get my Zip Drive installed again, and I'll be able to restore all my old programs, and I'll be able to get on my feet(HA! Apparently to get ready to be knocked down again....). But not all is lost. It'll just take a few days. I need to reinstall IE so I can use the #webcomics chat again, but I can't do it tonight. Nor can I use my e-mail service tonight. I also cannot use IM tonight. I can pretty much only use these message boards for communication until tomorrow. Hopefully everything will return to normal once this blows over.<P>One good side however, cleaning my hard drive should get it functioning at the correct speed again. Maybe my life's not so bad after all.<P>
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Postby Gil on Sat Nov 18, 2000 7:53 am

Oh man. It looks like EVERYONE'S week has been total dogshit. I feel your pain, man. I have only had to Nuke+Reinstall twice in the last year, but I know how much of a pain in the ass it is. Dont let it discourage you. take it in stride, and the next thing that fucks up, flip it the bird whilst wearing a grin.<P>Best of luck!<P>-Gil, Pervert Extraodinaire!
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Postby Coffeehaus on Sun Nov 19, 2000 11:18 am

My week's been shitty too.
Don't even ask, because I'm not CALM enough to explain yet.<P>But, needless to say, I won't be around for a while, so while i have the chance, lemme just say:
Up til the meltdown, Great work Ryan. I can't wait to see who the boss is!<P>-Johnny<P>------------------
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