Postby RichardIWebster on Tue Oct 31, 2000 4:56 am

I saw your fright night setup. All went fine
except for the "Jekyll/Hyde" poster.
When I clicked on it, I got a 404 error message. Below is an exact transcription,
if this will help you.<P>
I have no way of knowing if that is a double
lowercase letter "EL" or a double uppercase
"EYE" in jeckyllnkyde ,so I will treat it as
LL. jeckylln......is that "k" supposed to
follow?<P>I came into your Forum as soon as I could.
Sorry about that shit, but these "FrightNights" may be up for a while.
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Postby Gil on Tue Oct 31, 2000 7:17 am

Here's da correct URL, Rich:
<A HREF="http://ronnieraccoon.keenspace.com/gallery/jeckyllnhyde.gif" TARGET=_blank>http://ronnieraccoon.keenspace.com/gallery/jeckyllnhyde.gif</A> <P>(Also, this is the first time I've been able to post to ANY Keenspace/Keenspot forum lately, some weird shit about internal server errors. Dont know how long this window'll last.)<P>-Gil, Pervert Extraordinaire!<P>------------------
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Postby RichardIWebster on Wed Nov 01, 2000 6:15 am

Gracias, Gil! the problem was the second
"k" in "jeckyllnkyde" , which should read
"jeckyllnhyde" !<P>Here is a partial explanation of the
"infernal server errors" from ElfLife's
Carson Fire (He's a professional WebPage designer):<P>
Whoopsie... actually, Richard, that stuff isn't connected... the only stuff I'm switching around is fairly harmless HTML. Keenspot should have posted a "Keenspot alert" on our site today explaining this weekend's problems, but Darren Bleuel is just back from a whirlwind overseas trip, so he's probably got his hands full right now.<P> This weekend, our server installed a new hard drive, but messed up the configurations for all our CGI stuff somehow (this isn't a good explanation, because most of the tech stuff is over my head)<P> They had to switch back to the old hard drive as a result, and they'll continue to work on this problem behind the scenes. Hopefully, it won't result in any more disruptions.<P> Sorry 'bout that, everybody! <P>
P.S. I haven't the slightest idea WHAT those
thrice damned LAMPREY ADS are doing on the
message boards!!!<P>Anyway, the problem appears to have receeded!<P>RIW
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