Fuck it.

Postby Ryan J. Smith on Mon Oct 23, 2000 6:02 am

That's it, I can't handle it anymore. From now on Ronnie Raccoon goes on a new schedule. It's too hard to keep a daily schedule. I'm going to make a new schedule, perhaps four or five days a week, seven's just too much. I'm thinking the new schedule may be Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday-Saturday. I apologise for this. No wait, I don't. If you've got a problem with it, then fuck off.
If anybody would like to discuss this further, please post. Or look for RonnieRaccoon on the #webcomics chat. (Go to the Keenspot main page and click on chat, and make sure your browser's up to date.)
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Postby Gil on Mon Oct 23, 2000 6:47 am

Whoo, Ryan man! Don't get all hostile, we're just grateful that you're bringing us RR goodness at all! Go with whatever schedule you need, man!<P>Peace out!<P>-Gil, Pervert Extraordinaire!<P>------------------
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Postby Coffeehaus on Tue Oct 24, 2000 10:51 am

Dude, you don't HAVE to do it everyday!
It's not like you signed a cntract, or anything...
calm down!<P>We're just happy you're HERE, 'specially after being sick and all...<P>keep up the good work, and as my old teachers used to say... work at your own pace.<P>-Johnny<P>------------------
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Postby RichardIWebster on Tue Oct 31, 2000 7:04 am

Three times a week would be more realistic.<P>Heck, if you went to weekly, you wouldn't loose your audience, we'll stick with you.
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