Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Postby PalaDemon on Thu Jun 20, 2002 7:31 am

Man, I'm surprised that nobody posted here earlier about it.

About the last four "Chastity Belt" strips:
Awesome. Just plain awesome. Ryan, don't change Rebbecca a bit! (I see NO fault in any character that can unload FIVE GALLONS of "fluid". It was a bit unfortunate for Ronnie, but I think he'll look back on it pleasantly... :wink: )

About the birthday:
Party, man. Enjoy your 20th on Monday! I'd actually do this post on the day of your birthday, but I'll be gone on a college club trip to the one place that's even worse than the Foothills of North Carolina.

The plains of Tennessee. Nashville. "Music City". :x (No offense to any country fans OR to anyone that actually lives in Nashville on this board, but country's not my style, man.) At least I'll have my N64 and Mariokart 64 to keep me company.

Keep up the good work, man! I simply wonder what the next storyline is going to be...
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