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Posted: Thu Jul 19, 2001 3:02 am
by Iretch
it's a shame that i only now discovered your comic, i was browsing through reviews on and visited the web site of one of the authors (this site) just tonight i read through the entire collection. what happened to maverics hand, how soon will he be able to work on the comic again? your comic really speaks to me somehow, and i love the characters, they remind me so much of myself and my friends. i wish you guys had gotten the popularity you deserve (based on seeing the lack of forum activity, i'm assuming this was the case) best of luck to you all.<P>i'd appreciate it if you would mail me back<P>Mike

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2001 1:12 am
by Kriggs
Thank you for the support. As far as I am concerned, the comic MAY come back one day, but I am not sure about that. I decided I wouldn't put in the effort required for the comic, because Mavric was, in a way, using me. Well he got back on track after the little conflict but sadly, he just lost interest. I didn't really lose interest, it's only each comic took me time I didn't want to lose, on art. I loved writing the rants NO one reads. At least no one I know. Even you... saying that Mavric's hand was destroyed. Not only was there the K in the bottom right corner, but I signed my name! Oh well...
For me, Fragged was an experience, and one I will not regret, even if I was only in the thing for the last part of the comic.
If you are interested, I will have a site up soon dedicated to a game I am making, with a URL I cannot say until I register it. If you (the person reading this post) are interested in knowing the URL, email me at and either account can die, so email both.
I will now send you (iretch) an e-mail, as requested.<P>-Kriggs