Sooo..... wat next?

Postby Kappo on Tue Apr 02, 2002 5:23 pm


Just wondering as to wat'll happen next.. like... Delegato knows a lil more about himself... him and Neoma are okay and everything... Where does the stori go? Focus more on the personal lives of Conrad? Penny? Kiwi? Takin a break from the seriousness of the stori?

I personalli tink that it'll go back to the everyday lives of each of them... temporarily and shtuff.... yepyep... I wanna see wat happens with Conrad and Penni. (:

Oh, hey, and wat'll happen with the powers and stuff? Is it going to have to stay hidden like..... say... The Secret World of Alex Mack? Is it going to be used more often in the comics, or wat?

Just want everyone's opinions! (:

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