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Just wondering how all of this works.. I mean, this comic. Does Meredith (do you?) plan all of this stuff ahead of time, or just come up with the next part of the story on the spot?

Oh, and why don't you use CG color? It'd probably be easier for you, financially, too.

(Btw, I'm a high school student... and I'll bet a lotta other ppl are too... sorri I'm too poor to send any money, since I dun' have a credit card, either. I mean, c'mon... if I asked mah parents if I could send money to someone, they'd probably get all worked up and talk about money management, and after a 1 hour lecture, conclude with no...)
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Postby Meredith Gran on Tue Mar 19, 2002 2:45 pm

I plan the main story for NGTI months, possibly years, in advance. The daily layout is sketched out on the spot, except if I've planned something very specific. The dialogue, depending on its importance, is also predefined.

CG takes far longer to do than markers. And it doesn't look as good. Time is money to me, so I'd rather buy the art supplies than have to make the comic less frequently.

Paypal donations, yes, are pretty reliant on having a checking account, etc. If you wanted to help, though, you could always send money through cash or money order. ^_^

Aaaand that's all for now!
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