January 23rd's comic..

Postby Uller on Wed Jan 23, 2002 2:04 am

I'm no artist, but I'd wager that the lil girl in the bottom two panels is a kiddie Neoma, remembering her 'daddy' who apparently died.<P>Between her reaction to 'Gato and the last panel, I'm wagering her dad crashed in a motorcycle and ate pavement.<P>(I hope she'll still come to regret throwing that punch though.)
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Postby Nekoshonen!!! on Wed Jan 23, 2002 6:11 am

Wow...I REALLY must have misread that..even though nobody in the last two panels looke even REMOTELY like gats, I somehow thought that HE ate pavement...which put me, of course, into a state of near shock....
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Postby Moonfang on Wed Jan 23, 2002 12:45 pm

I REALLY dont get whats going on in the last two panels.. Could someone explain a bit?
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