Neoma's Job

Postby MechaDuckso on Sat Jan 05, 2002 8:37 am

My question is: Why does Neoma still work at Mad Props 4 Studbuckets? Wouldnt the Federal Lizards Find her and Gatito? Are the Lizards even looking for them? I am SO confused! Enlighten me!<P>------------------
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Postby Meredith Gran on Sun Jan 06, 2002 4:49 am

I mostly kept her job there for a humorous, rather than logical, aspect. ^_^ But assuming that agent 36 (the good lizard) was the one who led the mission against Delegato, and seeing as Neoma is now supposedly dead to the rest of the lizards, they no longer have any business going there. So she simply reapplied for a job, because, heck, wouldn't YOU work there?<P>And if that's just not good enough, then just assume she works at another branch, as naturally there is more than one local store in the Mad Props chain. <IMG SRC="">
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