Dec 28's comic

Postby ZOMBIE USER 1478 on Fri Dec 28, 2001 5:57 am

eek! Meredith! What is going thru your mind?????? <IMG SRC=""><P>------------------
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Postby Meredith Gran on Fri Dec 28, 2001 6:06 am

I thought it made sense... 'Gats is a-feared of rejection, that he's not yet a "man". What's going through my mind now? Mostly cotton candy... mmmm.
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Postby Desty on Fri Dec 28, 2001 7:54 am

It made sense to me. It looks like Delegato is having a serious case of performance anxiety <IMG SRC=""> The only cure is experience, and that is something Delegato is sadly lacking. But with Neomas rather forward approach he might not have to wait for long before he's given a chance to prove himself(I hope she is gentle with him). <IMG SRC="">
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Postby Moonfang on Sat Dec 29, 2001 5:44 am

Bah, so what? More FFX-inspired pictures, I say!
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Postby KatEllis on Tue Jan 01, 2002 1:42 am

THAT will teach me to visit this comic
regularly!! O_O Why oh why did I miss this
when the mighty Meredith first posted it?!
::boggles:: Utterly breathtaking... <IMG SRC="">
Delgato is caught in an almost Hitchcock-
like dilemma. ::boggles some more:: Shame on
me for slacking!!<P>(Actually there *is* a reason: some Keenspace
comics do weird things when I view them in
Netscape. But that's NO excuse!)
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