Great Comic Meredith!

Postby Desty on Sat Sep 01, 2001 2:28 am

I am a new reader of NGTI, and I must say that it is one of the best comics on the web! I followed a link from Elf life and after looking through the archives I was hooked. Now not a day goes by without me taking a peek at your page.
I hope you intend to continue NGTI for a long time, as I know I and many others would surely miss it if where to stopp. <P>Keep up the good work! <P>Desty<P>
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Postby Arael on Tue Sep 11, 2001 6:58 am

Agreed. Congrats, your comic was good enough to draw me out of lurking..I normally hate posting on message boards, but I had to say that you are doing a VERY good thing here. May things only continue to get better for you..^_^ I know Ill keep reading this, anyway.<P>Khettien
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