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Here are the official rules of the NSITMC Art Contest.

1. The subject of the piece is Anime Chick.
2. The Contest Ends May 1, 2002 OR when 20 entries are recieved. Whichever comes first.
3. No using my own art. (sorry, Rantinan. :smile:)
4. Doodles in MS Paint or stickfigure srawings will not be accepted. You can do better.
5. The prize is a Hentai H-Games/CG CD-ROM which the winner will have mailed to them. NOTE: This is from my personal collection.
6. Pictures may either be posted on this forum, with specification that said drawing is a contest entry, OR by email to
7. As far as subject matter goes, all I ask is that it depicts nothing illegal. Yes, I know this comic can be pretty depraved, but try to stay within those boundaries.

Good luck!

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