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You know. Drawing anime is fun, especially when you draw cute pink haired chicks with big tits getting violated by monsters.<P>But lately, I've been getting some praise from folks who read the comic about the specials I do. Which makes me wonder if I should do that kind of thing more. I won't abandon Ninja Boy, Anime Chick, Intro Model, The DOTS, or anyone else in the cast, but I'm thinking about taking the comic in the direction the CounterStrike and All Your Base comic are until I got the art down pat.
What do you guys think?<P>Nate
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Postby Violator on Sun Jun 03, 2001 5:34 am

I stand by what was said elsewhere. Its as valid a way to make a comic as any, and you can still do Ninjaboy and whatnot when the urge strikes.<P>Look at Privitera's ESCAPE!, which is a seriously funny strip. Bondage Barbie is the extreme side of photoart, with no drawing, but I think that's got its limitations and fairly strict ones.<P>Feh, whatever cranks your engine is fine. Long as weblemming otaku get a strong serving.<P>------------------
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