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Postby Dutch on Thu Sep 06, 2001 12:41 am

Man, what is the deal with Keenspace?! The news I have, folks, is that I updated my comic for what was supposed to be last week and for some reason it's not updating! So in case you all are wondering what's goin on, it's not my fault! I have no idea why Keenspace is being a big turd. But bear with me, the comics will come. If not sooner definitely...ALMOST sooner. <IMG SRC=""><P>-Dutch
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Postby Jamie Jalecki on Thu Sep 06, 2001 4:05 am

I was wondering why there's been no changes. So be it, Keenspace has been a stick-in-the-mud at times lately. Sooner or later our break to see the next comic will come...<P>In the meantime I would also appreciate some reply to another neat topic I since fired up here. Thanks.
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