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Postby Daxhack on Tue Jul 03, 2001 12:47 am

Please wait 2 seconds my butt...<P>Sorry, the previous comments were deleted because the internet is slow and keenspace is flaky and this and that and the other.<P>I tried to reply, but ended up murdering the thread, and losing all the nice posts that were in it.<P>Anyway, thanks for the encouraging words, Gopus, I hope to improve more as time goes on. One day I may find a comic that really clicks with me. I like what you're doing now too with the meaning of life. Very cool art, very impressive comic.<P>I was going to complain about my hits staying the same through this special event, but then I realized something, my hits have more than doubled! How so? Well, before I put up 7 comics a week and got XYZ hits. Now I'm putting up 3 comics a week and still getting XYZ hits! That means that my comic to hit ratio is 7/3, which is really cool!<P>I'm going to stick with the 3 days a week thing, that seems to be a lot easier on me. I can put out better stuff and I'm not tied to sketchpad every night trying to think up something funny.<P>I have content for every day of the week, even if I don't have comics. Brilliant Thoughts for Men (c)1893 for example, and more stuff as I find it.<P>Toodles!
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