You killed the computer?!

Postby EvlSHADE on Fri Jun 08, 2001 6:29 am

Geez Jason, you killed the poor defenseless computer?! That 'bye bye' on the screen just before it got smashed made me feel all sorry for it. All it ever wanted to do was serve you. :P<P>After all, it's not the fault of the drugs that someone's an addict. It's our own lack of selfcontrol to turn the thing off and go do something else that is to blame.<P>This is why I never make a website of my own. I don't want to be that deeply involved in the whole thing, I've got other stuff I need to do.
Not that I'm getting the other stuff done either, but I'm trying. ^^;<P>SHADE (apparently a member of PETC: People for the Ethical Treatment of Computers)<P>^_-
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Postby Daxhack on Fri Jun 08, 2001 7:05 am

That's practically a true story. One day in college my computer pissed me off for the last time. Instead of rebooting, I yanked the cords from the wall and stuffed the whole thing away in my closet. No big loss, at the time it was a 20MHz Macintosh.<P>Regardless, the benefits were many, and I just wanted to spread that information on. If you want to, consider this the real ending to the storyline, and I'm not actually beating the computer for no reason, I'm effectively sealing away the nasty lemmings that kidnapped Sarah.<P>I think you're also right about the self-control thing, and so it's quite possibly a reflection of myself, a sign of weakness. No one likes to have their own faults pointed out to them, but realizing you have a problem is the first step to a remedy. Perhaps not a cold turkey remedy, but anyway, I digress.<P>And remember, it's just a computer, and hitting computers with sledgehammers is pretty darn fun, too <IMG SRC=""><P>JB<P>(I go for monthes without a word in the forum, so I beat up a computer and then bam! Two posts in one day...)<P>------------------
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