Artist's Update, 2 - 09 - 2001

Postby OnlyOne on Thu Feb 08, 2001 4:49 am

Well, no continuation with the storyline today. I did the art, but I didn't like how it came out, exactly...wasn't sure of what I was doing, and today's been a bad week. So we'll put the storyline on hold and continue Sunday.<P>As a filler today, I've put up a little sketch I did today, of my character in Phantasy Star Online. I should mention that PSO is frickin' rad. Get it. I don't care that you don't have a Dreamcast, they're $99 now. Anyway, I named her after Kylie in the comic...'Kylie Rynn'.<P>Oh, and the art may be a little off for a bit, depending. My favorite pen nib broke, and the other one is too wide of a line for detail. I have a replacement for the one I liked, but I can't get that broken one out of the damn pen! So if I can find a pair of pliers before Sunday, you get an inked strip, otherwise, sorry!<P>------------------
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