Artist's Update, 2 - 05 - 01

Postby OnlyOne on Mon Feb 05, 2001 1:17 am

Well, lost today's Only One to a computer freeze - don't worry, it only took me a few minutes to redo the text, but it's the principle of the thing, y'know?<P>Well, all the RPG club seems to be making a showing in the forum. Ted said it - all the dialogue in the RPG club strips was at one point real. I can't make up stuff that good.<P>I've got to do another comic for the newsletter, as well. I don't like it when drawing becomes a hassle, but I just have too much to do this week. Don't worry, you'll get your Only One, unless the sleep deprivation kills me.<P>So all in all, this whole 'I'm an artist' thing is getting to be kind of fun.<P>------------------
- Barry
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Postby Matrygg on Wed Feb 07, 2001 12:40 pm

Oh, now you're an artist.<P>Before it was "oh, I like to draw." Now he's an artist. How long before Barry is in cheap baret's and eating bagettes and surrendering right and left, I ask you? HUH?<P>Ok, I admit it. I am jealous. I cannot draw. I am a failure. Number one failure sugoi Matt. I should be taken out back and shot for my impertinance. Shot shot shot.<P>BUT!<P>I have you, my quarrelous and disloyal constituancy on this message board. I will use it to my advantage to crush all my opposition and reign supreme! Ninjas cannot stop me, for I have a secret.<P>I know the power of Shaft.<P>And I have Kung Fu Grip.<P>Fear me,<P>--Matt
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