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Postby OnlyOne on Wed Jan 31, 2001 5:32 am

Okay, I'm six hours late to sleep, and I can just feel in my bones that tomorrow's gonna be crappy. At least I can sleep in the afternoon, if I survive Japanese.<P>Anyway, I wanted to apologize to Matt, the feature character of today's comic - I tried and tried, but couldn't get you to look right. Depending on what I emphasized, I got depression or nobility. I decided to go with the latter - although I couldn't get you to look realistic, I tried to capture the spirit of the chieftain in you. Address hate mail.<P>Same to the RPG club...things had to be shrunk so small today that a lot of the detail was lost. A pity, too - at Matt's suggestion, I've begun inking the strips with pen and ink rather than just a felt pen. While a bit slower, once I get the hang of this it'll allow me to bring the full expression of my pencil work into the strip. I'm sure you can tell the difference between a comic with clean lines and an organic one like Only One.<P>Last note of the day - if you have a Dreamcast, you deserve to get The Typing of the Dead. It's one of those games that makes what's usually a chore fun, and I guarantee you you'll be a better typist from it. And the game is hilarious.<P>Good night, y'all. The RPG club cast page is still in the slow works. Oh, Montie, why can't I draw you?<P>------------------
- Barry
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