Oopsie! (Re-visited)

Postby *Kludge* on Mon Sep 10, 2001 5:02 am

You have the same cartoon twice on your site, Mr. Cartoonist Man!<P>Are you so drunk on power and keenspot complimentary booze that you think you're seeing double when actually you're still seeing single and there are merely two cartons? Fix it at once, or I shall retract my bid and be kicked off eBay for unreasonable bid retraction! Then I shall be unable to sell my belongings in two years time when I desperately need to buy a kidney operation, and I will collapse and die, and whose fault will it be?<P>Mine.<P>Keith "Glaven" Lawrence<P>------------------

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Postby MikeLeffel on Mon Sep 10, 2001 9:42 am

This is me at 2am: <P>"AAH! Why won't the cartoon update?"<P>This is me at 6:35am:<P>"AAH! Why didn't my cartoon update?!"<P>This is me at 6:42am:<P>"AAH! I slapped the image in manually
and it's still not updating! Why isn't
it updating!?"<P>This is me at 7am:<P>"AAAH! Why can't I just kill myself
instead of going to work?"<P>This is me at 11:48am:<P>"AAAH! I wanna go home!"<P>This is me at 12:21pm:<P>"AAAH! Why is there two comics!?"<P>This is me at 12:30pm:<P>"AAH! Why isn't it updating yet!?"<P>This is me at 12:45pm:<P>"AAH! Why can't I have a woman instead
of entering a long and boring documentary
of my morning in yelping manner?"<P>The End.<P>------------------
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