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Postby Daxhack on Fri Apr 27, 2001 4:49 am

Ahhh... Summer vacation! Those were the days <IMG SRC=""><P>I was on the swim team as a kid for about 6 years. Even placed 6th in the state in the 100M breast-stroke. I can almost see myself doing a comic with a misinterpretation of that last sentence as well. Haven't swam competitively since then though. I did do 5.5 miles once, that was a long time in the pool. Not so much being too tired to walk to the showers, but my whole body was really really wrinkled! Raisin-boy!<P>Injuries suck. I have injured my knee twice at judo practice. Both times took me out of practice for over a month. I guess a contact sport like that is a little more prone to accidents though, but that doesn't make injuries any less sucky when you get them.<P>October 31? There was that silly math joke that went something like "Why do mathmeticians celebrate Christmas on Haloween? Because OCT 31 is DEC 25!" Maybe you told me that one...<P>JB<P>------------------
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