What Does the FiB Have On You? Write Your Dossier File

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well its 5 am and I'm not sleeping so I might as well...
Codename: Merrow
Real Name: Dooley, Kate
Known Aliases: Nixie, Neriad, Undeen, Lorelei
File ID Number: DA00042
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2" (well *almost*)
Weight: Unknown, last hovering around 200, but has dropped weight rapidly in the past year.
Ethnicity: Even Irish/Italian mix, but takes after the Italian side in looks. (Very Medeterranian)
Hair Color: Dark brown/black hair curly when short, wavy when long. Hair length varies due to weather (long in winter, short in summer) Usually kept back in a functional headband or ponytail, depending on length.
Identifying marks: None physical, though is never seen without glasses. Often smudged with ink and paint.
Occupation:Video Store manager, free-lance graphic designer, occasional comic colorist
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Keeps trying to attend meetings but due to poor sense of directions keeps ending up in room with girls with greek letters on their shirts.
Interests:Anime and animation fanatic, with a smattering of interest in just about every other fandom in sci-fi/fantasy/horror relm but especially in manga and comic books, very artistic working in several medias, very mythology and divination in various forms. Continually starts then abandons webpages.
Other Pertinent Information: Is "scarily accurate" when reading the tarot accidentally reducing two subjects to tears, but is unable to divine for herself. Is working on developing skill in casting runes, and is occasionally troubled by spirits. After using a ouiji like communication device, she was rendered physically ill immediatly thereafter for 3 days and gets a blinding headache when near one ever since (weither she knows its near or not) Learned to swim before she could walk and would prefer to keep to the water as much as possible. (which isn't much where she lives currently)
Weaknesses: Wordiness, doesn't know when to shut up (^_^), terrified of heights, and legally blind without her glasses, which she hates to remove.

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(Delurking From the Fans! Board)
I love what you guys are doing with CRFH, and I've alwaysloved Fans! anyway... <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"><P>Code Name:megamanX
Real Name: Perrien, Albert
Known Aliases: elecman
File ID Number: 3.1415926
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10

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<B>Code Name:</B> pirateDave
<B>Real Name:</B> McGuire, Benjamin David Finch
<B>Known Aliases:</B> David, Benjamin McGuire, Monkey-Boy, Nat Demoines
<B>File ID Number:</B> CCP37-V
<B>Age:</B> 24
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 5'5"
<B>Weight:</B> 160 pounds
<B>Ethnicity:</B> Caucasian (Diversely mixed European bloodlines and 1/64 Native American Indian)
<B>Hair Color:</B> Brown (changes hairstyle often, varies from short to shoulder length, parts hair on the left or in the middle)
<B>Eye Color:</B> Hazle brownish green.
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> Faint almost unnoticable scar on back of right hand.
<B>Occupation:</B> Computer Science student; Cartoonist; freeloader.
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> Historian for one semester, kicked out for making up stuff about the history of the club.
<B>Interests:</B> cartoons, comics, bowling, cinema, video games.
<B>Other Pertenant Information:</B> Unmeasurable IQ due to scoring genius levels on one part of the test and below average on another part.
<B>Skills:</B> Good problemsolver, blends into a crowd well, knows several programming languages, can work a cash register.
<B>Weaknesses:</B> Very insecure about friendships; Afraid lower-class society people look down on him; Inability to tell when an appropiate time for a joke is; Procrastination; A.D.D.; Doesn't believe he has any weaknesses.<P>
<I><A HREF="http://davidmcguire.studio-zoe.com">davidMcGuire</A>( <A HREF="http://earth.keenspace.com">http://earth.keenspace.com</A> );</I><P>[This message has been edited by Pirate Dave (edited 08-04-2001).]<p>[This message has been edited by Pirate Dave (edited 08-04-2001).]

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<B>Code Name</B>: Jimmy Rei 1k
<B>Real Name</B>: Kirbish, James
<B>Known Aliases</B>:Jimmmy Rayner, Orcist Shagarito, Shawn Williams, Dorean Madision, James Lyrhea, and many others still unknown
<B>File ID Number</B>: XD7721
<B>Age</B>: Unknown, So Many Ages suspected it is Impossible to be certain
<B>Gender</B>: Male
<B>Height</B>: 6'4
<B>Weight</B>: 255 Lbs
<B>Ethnicity</B>: Caucasian
<B>Hair Color</B>: Brownish Blonde, Sometimes It is Seen to be Raven Black as well.
<B>Eye Color</B>: Amber or Sky Blue.
<B>Identifying Marks</B>: Black rimmed glasses, Large hair, USually Dark Clothing, Has Peculiar Scars on his hands
<B>Occupation</B>: Scientist, Part Time Professional Hacker, Uber Atheist
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club</B>: suspected to have once been a Full Member under an Unknown name. However, this is not confirmed.
<B>Interests</B>: Computers, Advanced Dungeons And Dragons, White Wolf Publishing Games, Books, Extensive amounts of Fencing and Midevil Warefare. Self-Appointed Genius, m4d 1337 5p34k 5ki11z
<B>Other Pertenant Information</B>: Is believed to be armed and Highly Dangerous, Current Location is Unknown, However a Recon Team is always on their guard for word of him. He is to be Arrested On Sight if found.<P>*A note Scribbed beneath this* "He always says the same thing when he evades Our agents before what is believed to be disposing of them "Ye've been shot through the heart.." , Agents hearing this should be on the utmost alert when such a quote is heard."<P>Additional Note from the Files of Bobby Pinkerton: "I have gotten intresting news from one of our recon teams...it seems James Rayner has been spotted speaking with known members of the Science Fiction Club, I am beginning to suspect that he is the Invisable Driving force behind one of their own...But I cant be sure.."<P>(Just a CRFH'er who thought this was cool, I think Faans!! R00xorz...)

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accessing file NORSE5-16<P>
Code name: Eric the Red
Real Name: Kalkbrenner, Eric
Aliases:Kalky, Koko, Highlander
Ethnic background:1/8 swede, 1/8 dane, 1/4 norwegian, and 1/2 German.
Relationship to SF Club: Was the chief man at arms as well as bard until Katherine the 1st's reign. Now auxillary member.
Identifying Marks: Bruise-like scar on bottom left wrist.
Interests:Military History, Battletech, All RPG's, Singing, Acting, Comics, Movies, Reading, Vikings Football.
Occupation: Customer Service Associate at a Fortune 500 company.
Skills:Can talk for hours about military history and various tactics used to win battles, Has received various awards in High School and won a Music Scholarship for his singing. Can do a fair imitation of a Scottish, Irish, and Southern accent. Has strong muscles and great enthusiasim.
Weaknesses:Nearsighted, Seems to always call his friends by the wrong name. Is like Rikk in the fact that he has no deviousness in him.Will not hit girls and is too honorable for own good.

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He also has a weakness for his family. They could be used and potential hostages.

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what does *BOOT* mean? Did I do something to offend you? If so, I apologize.

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Well, as this seems to be the accepted method for lurkers here to reveal themselves...<P>Code Name: Bushipunk
Real Name: Gaulke, Charles
Known Aliases: None
File ID Number: BC55881
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 pounds
Ethnicity: Caucasian/semitic
Hair: Dark brown, worn long
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Identifying Marks: Beard, mustache, monobrow
Occupation: Videogames programmer (currently between gigs)
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Attends meetings sometimes without actually joining, sits in the back. Joins conversations but generally manages to get away without giving his name.
Interests: Computers, AI, videogames, Anime/manga, science fiction, conspiracy theory, filmmaking, swordsmanship (European fencing, Kendo, Iaido, a smattering of others), obscure philosophic arguments, pyrotechnics, physics
Other Pertinent: Seems to be associated with some kind of shadowy unknown group. Frequently does things which seem suspicious on the surface, but appear to serve no real purpose. May be genuinely dangerous, may just be crying out for attention.
Skills: Computer programming (self-taught, four years professional experience in various fields), swordsmanship (see above under interests), writing (scripts, screenplays), BSing (able to appear to belong where he does not, or to know about things he doesn't)
Weaknesses: Excessive sense of duty and loyalty, if unable to avoid breaking his word on something he is often paralyzed by the stress. Excessive sense of "face", or pride, public embarassment often leads to paralyzing doubt, once again. Very little real sense of self-preservation - has actually been known to set himself on fire for entertainment (see video record at <A HREF="http://www.magma.ca/~avi/media/playingwithfire.ram" TARGET=_blank>www.magma.ca/~avi/media/playingwithfire.ram</A> or <A HREF="http://www.powderedbeer.com/~avi/media/ ... ithfire.rm" TARGET=_blank>www.powderedbeer.com/~avi/media/playingwithfire.rm</A> for evidence of this). Terrible insomnia. No sense of time whatsoever.<P>-----------------------
This message is an act of coversion. Do not attempt to understand it. It will not be explained.<p>[This message has been edited by Bushipunk (edited 09-13-2001).]

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Ah, what the hell:<P><B>Code Name</B>: FlyingFish
<B>Real Name</B>: Reaves, Chris
<B>Known Aliases</B>: ChocoMog ZERO, Dzurlord, Sir Zot, Shire Nomad
<B>File ID Number</B>: WHS1185-14
<B>Age</B>: 21
<B>Gender</B>: Male
<B>Height</B>: 5'11"
<B>Weight</B>: varies between 170 and 190 lbs, depending on his food budget
<B>Ethnicity</B>: Caucasian
<B>Hair Color</B>: Dark Brown
<B>Eye Color</B>: Greenish-Hazel
<B>Identifying Marks</B>: Mild scar on right cheek, seemingly permanent five-o-clock shadow
<B>Occupation</B>: Full-time student
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club</B>: Spotted lurking around the back of club meetings ever since the "Pinkerton" incident. Might be seeking membership.
<B>Interests</B>: Computers, sci-fi/fantasy, RP-ing of all types, web-comics, religion, philosophy, the arts, writing, and just about anything to come out of Japan.
<B>Other Pertenant Information</B>: Self-described "Amateur All-of-the-Above". Wonders what George Lucas has been on lately. Has declared, on numerous occassions, that the convergence of art and video games is upon us. Suspected to have voted for Bush. Generally mellow, but easily embarrassed. Believes in a limited, imperfect universe, but prefers not to think about it whenever possible.<P>Only one direct encounter with the subject, in which he successfully convinced the approaching agent that he was actually a transformed 14-foot tall chocobo and was not to be trifled with. Said agent has since been demoted to fourth-floor janitor.<p>[This message has been edited by FlyingFish (edited 09-18-2001).]

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Code Name: Garrison Beckett
Real Name: Thomas Keeler
Known Aliases: Anachroeden, God of Creation and Finding Things, Morning Star
File ID Number: NCC1701
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 1/10th his weight in another dimension
Ethnicity: Antecrosian
Hair Color: blonde
Eye Color: grey-blue
Identifying Marks: scar on chin, INTIMIDATING
Occupation: Bum
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Holdover from the "Golden Years," lame alumni still attending.
Interests: Swords. Star Trek, Doctor Who, Highlander, Star Wars, D&D, Trigun, Slayers, Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, &c.
Other Pertenant Information: uncanny, nearly-identical resemblance to Will Erixon, less tempermental, better-looking ex-girlfriends. Oversleeps frequently. Has several "little sisters" within the club, generally regarded as a "teddy bear," much to the chagrin of his love life. Has caught all 251 Pokemon, Gold & Silver. Writes Marrissa Stories. WAAAAAY too much free time.
Addendum: TOP SECRET! Was the first fa ... [entry deleted. Further gathering of information on this subject is inadvisable. End censor] ... after the destruction of his power base in Atlantis.

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Code Name: Quinch
Real Name: Kadic Tihomir
Known Aliases: Blue Highway Patrolman, No Man, Spindizzy, Orpheus
File ID Number: OP1590
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10
Weight: 160 pounds
Ethnicity: Croatian
Parentage: Croatian/Bosnian
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Green
Identifying Marks: Numerous small scabs and scars from allergies
Occupation: Currently none.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Uncertain. A fairly recent newcomer he yet has to find his niche, but appears not to try to find one, opting for pure observation instead. Such a pattern suggests an agent collecting information for an outside agency, but that theory has yet to be comfirmed. Maintain surveillance and asses the range of possible threat.<P>Interests: The subject seems particularly interested in computer games as well as literary works, mostly science fiction and fantasy. Also has been observed to start small personal projects, which are almost always abandoned as soon as they are finished. <P>Other Pertinent Information: Has a compulsion of saving everything found worthwhile to his hard disk. The reason for this is currently unknown as the vast majority of the material sees no further use after the initial filing. Investigate further.<P>Skills: Improvisation. Manifests speaking in fluent diplomatgese when pressed. Low-level literary skills.<P>Weaknesses: Extreme procrastination. Low physical stamina. Perpetual skin allergies.<P>Picture: <IMG SRC="http://free-zg.hinet.hr/Quinch/vanitysmall.jpg">
Master of <A HREF="http://members.fortunecity.com/retrograde" TARGET=_blank>http://members.fortunecity.com/retrograde</A>
Part-time Cthulhu follower {also available for children's parties, weddings and Barmitzwahs}
Winner of the Planet Baldur's Gate Official Longest Thread Ever Contest<p>[This message has been edited by Quinch (edited 01-05-2002).]

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Code Name: BLee
Real Name: Benjamin L
Known Aliases: Drake, Tsuu, Laity. Does not often use aliases.
File ID Number: 4826809
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 170-180, depending on LARPs
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Red-Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: Scars to the right of right eye, left of left nostril. No piercings or other modifications. Slightly larger right arm than left.
Occupation: Physics Student, Game Designer
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Ambassador from the organization know as FGS (see cross-reference under mundance college groups.)
Interests: Mythology, Physics, Anime, RPGs, systems design, writing fiction and poetry. (Note: Not all writing seems to be SF-- there is perhaps some sort of code here?)
Other Pertenant Information: Is generally socially inept, but still very outgoing. Served as a recruiting agent for many years, to mixed success. Be on the look out for possible mystic ties, (see especially the files on Lord Wren and CC) or some other form of highly rigorous arcane exercise. Not presently a threat.

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Code Name: Agent 13
Real Name: Littrell, Joseph
Known Aliases: Agent 13, Tridekka, Triskadekkaphile, The Hermit, Mycroft
File ID Number: 131313<P> <IMG SRC="http://www.io.com/~agent13/13CamL.jpg"> <P>Age: 33
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 235 lb
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Parentage: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Identifying Marks: Barrel chested, pierced left ear, glasses, several scars on left thumb, large birthmark on upper right chest<P>Occupation: Hermit
Former Occupations: Secretary, soldier, writer, reporter, disc jockey, dietician, comic store manager, amusement park cast member
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Participates on club's web forum and YahooGroup, has never interacted with any club member in person
Interests: Role-playing games, Sherlock Holmes, gardening, Wold Newton studies, superheroes, professional wrestling, fantasy, skepticism, science-fiction, urban legends, Route 66, diners, Robin Hood, news junkie
Skills: Extreme facility with internet search engines, good cook, able to process and retain large amounts of information, some talent at writing (both fictional and non-fiction)
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, poor decision-making skills, insomniac, poor mathematic skills, can't whistle
Other Pertinent Information: Subject seems to have completely dropped out of real-life fannish interaction following his divorce and move to the East Coast four years ago. All interactions since then have taken place completely over the Internet.<P><p>[This message has been edited by Agent13 (edited 02-05-2002).]

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I have decided to throw in my own profile as if I were a character in the FANS!... but some of the stuff in there is my real information. Use your criteria to identify it. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/biggrin.gif"><P>Code Name: Vargas
Real Name: Vargas Parrilla, Alberto
Known Aliases: Razgril, Raz, , Shadowstalker.
File ID Number: XV32984-12, code RED
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 1.74 mts.
Weight: 64 kg.
Ethnicity: Latin American (Mexican)
Hair Color: Dark Brown - Black.
Eye Color: Dark Brown.
Identifying Marks: None.
Occupation: Allegiably, college student. Suspected Vigilante, Spy and Law Enforcer.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Has been monitoring it

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You know, after the amount of effort you go to keep this thread alive it seems almost criminal not to contribute.....<P>Code Name: Khavren
Real Name: Cavender
Known Aliases: Master of Lightning, Knower of all things, Cadaver, Jon the Ratcatcher, Raul de Winter, Inquisitor Fenx, Khan Utgart, Sidick
File ID Number: KAR120C
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9" - 6'1" depending on posture
Weight: 190 pounds
Ethnicity: American
Hair: Blonde(ish), ponytail
Eye Color: Blue-Gray depending on mood
Identifying Marks: Mole on lip, deep scar on left index knuckle
Occupation: TechnoMage, God
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Quit after got tired of filling out those little cards to stop the monthly shipment of Featured Selections.
Interests: Role-Playing, AI, games, Anime/manga, science fiction, conspiracy theory, fantasy, martial arts, philosophy, Larping, comic books, web comics, information theory, Post-Apocalyptic fiction
Other Pertinent: Has had security clearance, has access to fly almost anywhere on a moments notice, low sensitivity to temperature, scars heal, can pass unnoticed and unheeded, computer systems work better when associated with subject, increases accuracy of foretelling within 30 feet, 10 sec precog, lucky, strange attracter and attracter of strange attracters
Skills: Computers, Akido, karate, Speed-reader, convincing tone, speed typist, driving too fast, Information finding, empire building, lurking, fast-talker, accents, kinesics, Demagoguery
Weaknesses: Very bad eyesight, fear of recognition, desire for fame, has bouts of shyness, believes himself to be more skilled than usually demonstrated, cannot admit to being unable to do something other than "cook, sing or dance", addicted to snickersnack brand candy bars, savior complex, megalomaniac, periods of manic energy are followed by depressions of twice the length, dedicated to protecting his follower (Eve) as part of his God job, takes excess pride in his meaningless IQ score(180), heavy procrastinator, paranoid, disbelieves paranoid urges

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Code Name: Acradius
Real Name: Ben Goldberg
AKA: Warrior
File Number: AC2AA422501
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hight: 5' 10"
Weight: 209
Ethnicity: Caucasian (unknown)
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Identifying Marks: Identical diagonal scars on inside of both forearms
Occupation: Anonymus Vigilante, currently poseing as Pizza Hut dishwasher
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: New member, doesn't come to meetings, occasionally roleplays via ICQ.
Intrests: Fantasy, Video Games, Computers, Sleep, Food, Cats
Other Pertenant Information: Chivalry Rivaling Will Erixon's (see file XO6709), Greatly mocked by his peers,
Skills: Proficiant in virtually any melee weapon he can find, much quicker (manually) than he looks, Smarter than the average fan, Amature hacker (not a present threat)
Weaknesses: Fear of Wasps, slow, with little stamina, Physically weak, No love/social life

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<B>Code Name:</B> Aurora
<B>Real Name:</B> Unknown
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Sailor Aurora, Fraggle, Red Fraggle, Red, Mary Jane Watson, 2Supergal, Talex, Tiffits, Sniffybear, T-Dawg, Snow White, Snowy
<B>File ID Number:</B> TA0330
<B>Age:</B> 24
<B>Gender:</B> Female
<B>Height:</B> 5'4"
<B>Weight:</B> 110 pounds
<B>Ethnicity:</B> Caucasian (Irish, Scottish, English, French, but can pass for part Japanese)
<B>Hair Color:</B> Auburn (by Clairol. Natural color? Who knows?)
<B>Eye Color:</B> Gray-Green
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> Scar on right ankle, mole on left jaw
<B>Occupation:</B> Technical support
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> current Probational Member
<B>Interests:</B> Computers, Swing dancing (Hollywood/LA/DC-style Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag), reading, light fantasy, mysteries, cartoons, anime
Other Pertinant Information: Has a penchant for vintage clothing, old movies, and boogie woogie music. May be found frequenting record stores, second-hand shops, vintage clothing stores, and The Swing Session shows. 1980's animation historian. Currently runs <A HREF="http://www.80sCartoons.net" TARGET=_blank>http://www.80sCartoons.net</A>
<p>[This message has been edited by Aurora (edited 10-16-2001).]

Nomad Otto Damon
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Code Name: Damon, Nomad Otto
Real Name: Damon, Ned E
AKA: Honath (ho-nath) Master of Meckanical Stuff
File Number: FR1014
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Hight: 5' 11"
Weight: 170
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Russian + Scottish
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Identifying Marks: Always Wears longsleeves and pants, thick glasses writing utensils in front shirt pocket, mark on forehead visable in Ultra Violet light.
Occupation: Hero of Reality posing as student trying to get a job at Nasa.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: New member, Comes to meetings, Maintains Group website.
Intrests: Sci-fi, Video Games, Computers, Sci-fi, Computers, did I mention Sci-fi, Technology
Other Pertenant Information: slightly crazy, magical aptitiude (rarely manifested), memorizes everything he hears/sees.
Skills: Knows and can quote every Startec episode, Massive technical ablility, hacker (threat level med), Magical Aptitude, photographic memory.
Weaknesses: Physically weak (all respecets), No love/social life, Dislikes humans with a passion, arrogant, oft-times confused, Blind (leagaly) without glasses, relies too much on technology, pacifist, fancies himself a hero.<P>------------------
Ubi Dubium Ibi
Where there is doubt,
There is freedom<P>"You'll never go broke
underestimating the
intelligence of the
American Public"
-Attributed to P.T
Barnum<P>A proud member of the
Kissed- and Date-
Group<P>---begin CRFH!!! code
F- U++ IRC R+ RM---
WB- GN- MW-- AI D&M+
N? P++ W++ I+ E-
---end CRFH!!! code ---

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<B>Code Name:</B> Guido Cerviche (Or just Guido C)
<B>Real Name:</B> Grossman, Aaron
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Magnus Xavier
<B>File ID Number:</B> XH6218
<B>Age:</B> 18
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 5

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Code Name: Red Viking
Real Name: Doucet, Kjell
Known Aliases: Unknown
File ID Number: WK9735
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lbs.
Ethnicity: Caucasian (Norwegian American with French and a bit of Native American blood)
Hair Color: Brown with highlights
Eye Color: Blue
Identifying Marks: A diagonal and faded scar on nose.
Occupation: HRM Student
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Seeking a DnD and Anime Club. Former member of the Monty Python Society. Moderator of a Fanfiction board.
Interests: Video and Computer games, DnD, Webcomics, Fanfiction, Anime, Manga, Acting, Cooking, Reading and Writing.
Skills: Ability to assemble a computer from sratch, Ability to cook, Limited knowledge of Martial Arts, Bi-Lengual.
Weaknesses: Procrastinator, Completely Incompetant when it comes to Driving Directions<p>[This message has been edited by Red Viking (edited 11-14-2001).]