What Does the FiB Have On You? Write Your Dossier File

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Code Name: Doublespeak
Real Name: Kierkegaard, Soren
Known Aliases: Johannes de Silentio, Constantin Constantius, The guy in the Back of the Coffee House Weeping, Abraham

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<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by wish:
<B> Ah-ah-ah, Fanboy... Being Death, Destroyer of Worlds is in my occupation list! Not only is Maccabee intruding on my cute-but-flimsy little gimick.. he's after my job as well! <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gi ... aaaaaaaand... Since it IS my job to be Death, Destroyer of Worlds... You just picked me to be on your team, Greg! <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif"><P>-Wish
Who is just amusing herself with being silly now. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gi ... TE><P>Well, if you're on my team, I order you to let me win. Yay! Of course, that's just if you're <I>Shiva</I>.<P>If you're just <I>Death</I>, then you're just a cute 'armless little boony-rabbit, aren't you? Well, I'm not afraid of cute little bunnies awaiting with big nasty teeth {does Tim's weird little two-finger gesture}. I have a hand grenade, you see. Ask T, he's seen it.<P>{in deep editor-voice} "For those who challenge Me, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it..."<P>Abusing power since 1994,
Risus est telum ultimum contra tyrranem. Nullus dictator exercitibus allibus ridiculem vulgi longe resistare potest.

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Code Name: Bardliam
Real Name: Michael Brown
Known Aliases: Dragynn, Liam Hawke, Nathan Hawke, the Angry Irishman, Destruction
File ID: QZ0621
Age: 29
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 250 and dropping
Ethnicity: Irish mostly, with mixed French, English and Native American bringing up the rear.
Hair Color: Flame Red
Eyes: Blue or Green depending on mood and dress
Identifying Marks: Multiple hand scars, dragon tattoo on right bicep.
Occupation: Thwarter of customer's desires, Denier of Credit
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Katherine's ex-boyfriend, brief probational member
Interests: RPG's, computers, the SCA, Ren Faires, shiny blades, shiny objects of all kinds, Fantasy/Sci-Fi fiction and movies (duh!)
Other Pertinent Information: Sarcastic, lazy and lecherous. Quick mind and capable of putting the Big Picture together very quickly. Carnivorous.
Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent beneath.

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OK. I've been named in the fanfic, so I'd better fill in a few blanks<P>Code Name: Muttley
Real Name: Dicey, Alan
Known Aliases: Wacky Racer
File ID Number: THX1174
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Height: 2.0m
Weight: 85 kilos
Ethnicity: Norman, ancestors include famous lawyers and highway robbers.
Hair Colour: Dark Brown, receding; short beard and moustache; grey in sideburns, gray patch under chin and reaching up towards incisors
Eye Colour: Blue-Gray, behind wire-frame spectacles
Identifying Marks: Scar on stomach from motorcycle accident.
Occupation: Web manager for an IT services group, currently contracted to a company who make things that go BANG.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Ran a sister organisation a long time ago. Possibly historian.
Interests: Mountaineering, Scale Model-Building, Real Ale
Other Pertinent Information: Was also Captain of Rifles at University, so has at least one useful skill.
Can climb but can't ski, so not a complete mountaineer. Has been in computers for far too long (Hollerith cards? Luxery! WE used to program on five-hole tape! With a nail! And it was blunt.) Lives between a cherry orchard and three square miles of oil-seed rape in Kent (Achoo! damn stuff). A fondness for steam locomotives may indicate a desire to live in the past (but don't depend on it). <P>Plagiarise, Plagiarise, Plagiarise ---- Only be sure always to call it please "research"<p>[This message has been edited by Muttley (edited 04-23-2001).]

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Code Name: Tsia
Real Name: Volk, Amy M.
Known Aliases: Tsia Dreamwalker Quithellen, Friday, Katherin MacKenzie, Tink35, Tish, Amy-Chan, Wingless Wench.
File ID Number: HAL9000
Age: 21
Gender: female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 175 pounds
Ethnicity: Heinze 57 with a Heavy dose of Scot
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Blue-Gray with a gold ring around the pupil.
Identifying Marks: none
Occupation: Internet Tech, Student
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: professional lurker
Interests: LARPing, DnD among other RPGs, music, SCA, Ren Fair, Net Junkie, Anime, Net Comics, Comic Books, Action Figures, Reading (almost anything).
Other Pertinent Information: Has large network of contacts among several gaming groups throughout the US. Has a rather large collection of sharp metal objects from boot daggers to 6'+ pikes. Talks to cats.
Weaknesses: chocolate, cats, high pitched noises, friends in need. Really bad speller.
Certified Gamer Chick

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Post by Judy »

Oh, WTF.<P>Code Name: Judy
Real Name: Phillips, Judith Marie
Known Aliases: Adelais de Savigney, Adeliza de Saviniaco, Judit (pronounced Hoo-dit)
File ID Number: AE115096
Age: 21
Gender: F
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 155 pounds (and shrinking, apparently)
Ethnicity: Caucasian (well mixed)
Hair Color: dark, straight, "bra-strap" length, generally arranged incompetently.
Eye Color: brown
Identifying Marks: scars on L index finger, R knee. Missing all 4 wisdom teeth. Otherwise unmodified. (Does lack of ear piercings qualify as an identifying mark?)
Occupation: veterinary student, herald (_not_ in the Mercedes Lackey sense!), wannabe onomasochist. Slave to 1 yo MC DMH red tabby and white cat named Sebastian.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Denied membership after watching and hating _Akira_
Interests: pets (of almost any sort), SCA (heraldry, textile, music, some cooking), reading (not nearly enough)
Other Pertinent Information: Generally neglects all of the above, since known to spend large amounts of time each day reading discussion boards for online comics.

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Well, I'm away from home on a business trip to Arlington, VA and I'm bored, so I thought I would add a dossier just for the hell of it.<P><B>Code Name:</B> Tuscahoma
<B>Real Name:</B> Harris, Ed
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Tuscahoma Jack, Morn Grey, The 'Ed'
<B>File ID Number:</B> TJ651
<B>Age:</B> 35
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 5'10
<B>Weight:</B> 337 pounds
<B>Ethnicity:</B> Native American/Mixed European
<B>Tribal Affialiation:</B> Choctaw
<B>Hair Color:</B> Black, shoulder length
Eye Color: Black
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> Mustache and goatee, birthmark on stomach (half light/half dark patch), surgical scars on chest
<B>Occupation:</B> Programmer, parageographer, mystic dabbler.
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> Lurker
<B>Interests:</B> Mysticism, Science, Science Fiction/Fantasy, Anime/Animation, Comics, RPG, Martial Arts, Writing
<B>Other Pertinent Information:</B> Weirdness magnet. Plans to become taoist master and ascend at age 300 or a truck-driving kung-fu internet radio personality
<B>Skills:</B> Able to 'speak with authority' on many topics without regard for actual knowledge of topic, able to keep cool when weird events happen and actually capitalize on said events (causing one individual to spread the gospel of The 'Ed'), makes a mean cheesecake
<B>Weaknesses:</B> Procrastination. Talks too much. Trouble admitting he does doesn't know the answer. Worries that he's not wearing any pants, metaphorically speaking.<p>[This message has been edited by Tuscahoma (edited 04-24-2001).]

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Post by Bevan »

Real Name: Bevan Thomas
Known Aliases: B. A., Taliesin.
File ID Number: BT666
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4
Weight: 150 lb.
Ethnicity: Celtic
Hair Color: Brown-blond.
Eye Color: Gray.
Occupation: Professional student. Aspiring writer.
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Long-standing member, and close friend of many members (especially Will).
Interests: Anime, manga, comic books, esoteric religions, magic, role-playing games, speculative fiction, webcomics, black humor, mythology, philosophy, literature, psychological thrillers, mysticism, Surrealism, Dadaism, and many more
Other Pertinent Information: His increased fascination with mysticism and the supernatural may sometime grant him knowledge and skills which would prove dangerous. If and when the subject gains possession of magic and/or enlightenment, he must be liquidated.
Skills: Encylopediac knowledge of things trival, especially fan-based. Certain skill as a poet, developing skill as a comic book writer.
Weaknesses: Shyness. Gets stressed easily which leads to inability to work.

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Post by NathanAlderman »

ACCESSING FIB DATABASE...<P>Enter login: ******
... login accepted.<P>Welcome, Agent Jones. You have committed [14] evil deeds since last login.<P>Edit most recent file, Y/N? Y
Opening...<P>Code Name: NathanAlderman
Real Name: Nathan Alderman
{Note from Jones: Oh, <I>that's</I> original.}
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200ish
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Dark brown
Identifying marks: <I>Surveillance inconclusive. Data unavailable at this time.</I>
Standard dress: Disturbingly normal.
Occupation: Web geek.
{Note from Jones: Pardon me while I act surprised.}
Relation to science fiction club: <I>Surveillance inconclusive. Data unavailable at this time.</I>
Interests: Unknown.
Future plans: Unknown.
Weaknesses: Unknown.
{Note from Jones: What kind of half-measured research am I paying you people for? He has a <A HREF="http://homepage.mac.com/nathanalderman" TARGET=_blank>web site,</A> for Hoover's sake! Haven't we cracked it by now?}<P>Save and close file, Y/N? Y<P>Open other file, Y/N?<P>Enter file name: MILLERSKULLY...<p>[This message has been edited by NathanAlderman (edited 04-25-2001).]

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Post by Tsia »

Sorry, different person!
<IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/smile.gif">
Consider yourself intoduced to another Tsia.<P>-T<P>
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Godai:
Tsia? is that you Booful?<P>Or have i now met a second Tsia?<P>

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Salutations and welcome to the board Bevan! I'd take awhile to adjust yourself before jumping into the fanfic (unless of course you've been <I>lurking</I>..............) but don't worry about it. Good to have you aboard.<P>------------------
Tom the Fanboy
http://www.geocities.com/tee-moss<P>[begin Fans! code]
E(xkodt)M++FF-A++W+++FCt++(s)Ip20000406f1mcKt+cCp- -bw++Ll++
[end Fans! code]

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Post by Bevan »

Salutations and welcome to the board Bevan! I'd take awhile to adjust yourself before jumping into the fanfic (unless of course you've been lurking..............) but don't worry about it. Good to have you aboard.
------------------<P>Actually, I have been lurking. The fanfic looked interesting, so I thought I would start making myself known there first.

Nicolas Juzda
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Post by Nicolas Juzda »

Hi,<P>I just realized that I'd never gotten around to doing this.<P>First, my FIB file, which reads in its entirety: mostly harmless.<P>Second, my LIE file, which reads: A god-like being. Full capabilities unknown. Approach with caution.<P>And finally, my FANS Science Fiction Club membership file, which reads:<P><B>Code Name:</B> Nicolas Juzda
<B>Real Name:</B> Juzda, Nicolas
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Has a philosophical aversion to aliases, but occasionally goes under just his last name or initials.
<B>File ID Number:</B> 24601
<B>Age:</B> 21
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 5'11
<B>Weight:</B> Uh... average? I don't know it off-hand.
<B>Ethnicity:</B> White.
<B>Hair Color:</B> Very dark brown. Also, is usually unshaven.
<B>Eye Color:</B> Brown
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> none.
<B>Occupation:</B> student (math/anthropology/english), porter
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> One of those members who you only see in the big crowd scenes but never goes on the adventures. Like Guth, only without the cult following.
<B>Interests:</B> Comic books (!), science-fiction television, sf books, the plays of William Shakespeare, film
<B>Other Pertinent Information:</B> Canadian, and proud of it. <IMG SRC="http://www.keenspace.com/forums/wink.gif">
<B>Skills:</B> Currently the second worst writer in the world, able to recite more comic book trivia than man was meant to know, can identify any episode of STTNG from a thirty second clip, and can deliver Hamlet's To Be Or Not To Be soliloquy from memory in under forty seconds (a real crowd pleaser at my residence talent show last year).
<B>Weaknesses:</B> Compulsive honesty.<P>Nicolas

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Post by Nireena »

<B>Code Name:</B> Nireena
<B>Real Name:</B> ??? , Alison
<B>Known Aliases:</B> Ali, Al, TicTac
<B>File ID Number:</B> 97913230
<B>Age:</B> 22
<B>Gender:</B> Female
<B>Height:</B> 5'3 (if I have good posture that day)
<B>Weight:</B> 110 lbs
<B>Ethnicity:</B> White.
<B>Hair Color:</B> Light brown, can look reddish in the sun. Wavy.
<B>Eye Color:</B> Dark brown, can look black
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> Two cartiledge piercings, top of right ear. Dental records attached.
<B>Occupation:</B> tech support
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> member of college science fiction society (4 years), secretary of club (1 year), president of club (1 year)
<B>Interests:</B> varied
<B>Other Pertinent Information:</B> owns a fish, considered harmless most of the time by most people so blends into crowds easily
<B>Skills:</B> target shooting, various computer skills, explaining complicated things simply, high tolerance for administrative falderall
<B>Weaknesses:</B> does not form strong emotional attachments easily, mild paranoia about stalking (hence reluctant to reveal too much trackable information online)<P>

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Post by Zane314 »

What the heck, I've got nothing better to do.<P>Code Name: Zane314
Real Name: Roney, Brian
Aliases: Zane, Vanyel, Arlo, Dh'arlo'me, Kylara, Colbey, Odile, Rolan.
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 135 and rising
Ethnicity: pale white boy. 1/3 english, 1/3 irish, 1/3 the rest of europe
Hair Color: Brown (streaking blong now that it's growing out long and stays in the sun a bit)
Eye Color: Blue. No, green. No, blue. Ah, bother. Blue-green. Really blue with a yellow ring in the middle.
Identifying Marks: Mole on bottom left of chin. Rough scar on outside of left thigh. Long scar on left big toe. Scar on right forehead, just above hairline.
Occupation: Student, Video game programmer
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Prospective member.
Interests: Video games, books, comics, fantasy, science fiction. Interested in and studying fields of artificial life and artificial intelligence.
Skills: Programming, Quality Assurance (has amazing ability to crash and break previously unbreakable programs), Chainmail, Witty comebacks, ability to shift personality into approximations of his role-playing characters, ability to make fast friends, easily has new and interesting ideas.
Other Pertinent Information: Writes and draws <A HREF="http://braven.keenspace.com." TARGET=_blank>http://braven.keenspace.com.</A>
Weakness: Unable to become dedicated to a project long enough to complete them. He's working on that, though.<P>Zane
Brian Roney <A HREF="http://braven.keenspace.com" TARGET=_blank>http://braven.keenspace.com</A>

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Post by Skyrider »

Code Name: Skyrider
Real Name: Croley, Alex
Known Aliases: The Red Headed Wonder; Certified Knight of The Caravan (SCA); and Silentpanther (Furry)
File ID Number: AZW639
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1
Weight: 210 pounds
Ethnicity: Irish anestory, and a little bit of Native American
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Green (intense emotions); Gray(when relaxed or blase)
Identifying Marks: Freckles; scar on upper lip that is covered by mustache; dog bites one on each leg.
Occupation: Student/Sales
Relation to Science-Fiction Club: Applied for membership.
Interests: Anime, chess, Studies weather pheonomones and tarot.
Other Pertenant Information: Known in his circle of friends as a healer of sorts and has had his deck named the "Terror Deck" for its frank truthfulness.

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Post by GinaGina »

Accessing records....<P>Record "GRS8489" found.<P>Last update: 29 Jun 2001 c.e.
Code Names: GinaGina, missgina
Current legal name: Rice-Silver, Gina
NOTE: Name was legally changed on 12 Jul 2000 in order to add "Silver" to the last name. The significance is not yet known. Suggest further research.
DOB: 18 Jun 1977 (Age 24)
Height: 5'8"
Weight 135 pounds
Ethnicity: Presumed to be caucasian/native american. Though her skin is normally quite pale, she tans very easily, and if she does so, her appearance belies some mediterranean ancestry. Suggest further research.
Hair Color: Dark Brown (dyed red), usually worn in a ponytail or straight down.
Eye Color: Silver; changes colors depending on situation. Most common alternate color: sky blue.
Identifying marks: many moles along arms and back, one beauty mark on face (above lip), two sets of ear piercings, in which the primary piercing holes always hold a pair of silver pentacles. Right hand is unusually scarred.
Occupation: Retail(primary job), voice-acting, web design.
Relation to Sci-Fi Club: current member with occasional attendance. Claims to have been a member for several years, although membership records show neither a Gina Rice nor a Gina Rice-Silver until 12 Jul 2000. Suggest further research.
Interests: Gina seems to be a "jack of all trades" with her interests, but her main interests are computers, gaming, and clubbing.
Notable Skills: Gina is best described as a "people person". Until she moved to the Des Moines area in August 2000, she had built up quite a network of friends and allies in various areas of society. It is believed by the FiB that a 'favor' from some former agents, or perhaps from a rogue hacker, may have caused loss of prior information on her. For this reason, all attempts to access her file are now logged..<P>(oh crap... looks like I'll have to remove that log as well now)<P>Now that she has moved, she is once again massing allies in various different areas of both the subcultures, and the higher classes. She can also alter and throw her voice in many different ways, and has demonstrated what appears to be military combat training.<P>Special strengths: very fast metabolism. Can fend off most diseases in nearly half the time as most people. Her imagination borders on magickal, and many unforseen events occur just by her being around. She would make a very powerful Agent if not for the fact that the Agency's directives run diametrically counter to her personal beliefs. Use extreme caution in approaching. Lastly, she seems to have many "hidden" skills, which she never mentions but occasionally uses. Most of these hidden skills are in academic knowledge, although several skills (such as the previously mentioned combat training) are specialized. Suggest further research into the scope and sources of her abilities.<P>Special weaknesses: seems very reluctant to divulge any information about her past. Combined with previous evidence (or rather, the erasure thereof), the FiB are certain that there is something within her past that she does not want known by the general public. However, whatever it is, she has dealt with it for quite some time. It is also believed that she has taken steps so that if it does become known, she will use that weakness as a strength. More common weaknesses include procrastination, mild androphobia, and an occasional shyness around some people. Suggest further research on the kinds of people that make her so nervous.<P>Personal webpage: <A HREF="http://members.home.net/grsbound/" TARGET=_blank>http://members.home.net/grsbound/</A> <P>

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Post by Xnext_coder »

<B>Code Name:</B>xnext_coder
<B>Real Name:</B> Ortiz, Jonothon
<B>Known Aliases:</B> sidephase, Christ_Hack
<B>File ID Number:</B> JO77007
<B>Age:</B> 23
<B>Gender:</B> Male
<B>Height:</B> 6'3
<B>Weight:</B> 300 pounds
<B>Ethnicity:</B> Mixed European
<B>Hair Color:</B> Dark Brown, usually in ceaser cut style
<B>Eye Color:</B> Changes according to clothing
<B>Identifying Marks:</B> One eyebrow is missing hair from a scar that never properly healed, surgical scars on chest.
<B>Occupation:</B> Youth Pastor, programmer, writer
<B>Relation to Science-Fiction Club:</B> Used to go to Church with Rikk and stil maintains contact with him.
<B>Interests:</B> Seeking God, Anime/Animation, Comics, RPG, Martial Arts, <B>Writing</B>
<B>Other Pertinent:</B> has been known to tackle demonic posession and can be placed in charge if needed. can be usually found preaching within cities and schools. Is someone Rikk talks to concerning spiritual matter and guidance at times.
<B>Skills:</B> Accomplished fighter, ranging from hand to hand to arms. Does not display it nor talk about it much. If approached do so with caution. God is on his side.
<B>Weaknesses:</B> Procrastination, too merciful.<p>[This message has been edited by xnext_coder (edited 07-03-2001).]

Valerie Elizabeth
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Post by Valerie Elizabeth »

Code Name: Valerie Elizabeth<P>Real Name: Allen, Valerie Elizabeth<P>Known Aliases: Vallie, Vallie Beth, Vallie Girl, hqcfangirl, Morrigan, Giara Hamoru, Shadow Weaver, Harley Quinn<P>File ID Number: VEA1013
Age: 20<P>Gender: Female <P>Height: 5'8"<P>Weight: 255lbs<P>Ethnicity: Causasian<P>Hair Color: Originally ash brown, currently dyed faded read with streaks of black.<P>Eye Color: green<P>Identifying Marks: scar across knuckle of the middle finger on her left hand.<P>Occupation: pizza delivery girl/concessioner of J.R. Denniston Theater<P>Relation to Science-Fiction Club :Auxillery Membership<P>Interests: Paranormal, sci-fi and fantasy, animation and comic books, music, and true crime<P>Other Pertenant Information: Former President of her high school's medieval society, graduated from MHS in 1998. Hair color changes often. Currently located in Monroe, Michigan. Involved romantically with one Thomas Munkres (see file TRM1138). Link could be exploited. <P>Weaknesses: Involved with TRM1138 (see above), prone to asthmatic attacks, fear of snakes. Most vulnerable when inside her bedroom... cannot hear anyone approaching outside her door, and has no where to escape to (side note: if tactic is used, note that she locks herself in her room by removing her door handle. Situation remedied by removing the handle from another room in the hall and using it to open her door)<P>

Thor Thorvaldson, Jr
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Post by Thor Thorvaldson, Jr »

Here goes...<P>Code Name:Thor
Real Name: Thorvaldson, Thor Jr.
Known Aliases: Tales of Marga, Margaritaville Otaku
File ID Number: 5150-OU812
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 215 (yeah, I know...)
Ethnicity: 1/2 Cuban, 1/4 Norwegian, 1/4 German
Hair Color: Brown with tiny bits of gray popping through
Eye Color: Brown
Identifying Marks: scar on bridge of nose, pencil lead embedded in the palm of each hand, birthmark in the shape of Michigan (lower part) on right thigh
Occupation: Computer Services manager at Kinkos, comic artist/writer/inker/letterer
Interests: Comics, manga, Video games-especially Capcom fighters
Other Pertinent: Full-fledged Parrothead and Giantshead, in the process of becoming a Beatles fanatic
Skills: Clinton level Bullshitter, can draw reasonably well
Weaknesses: Redheads (I married one), short temper when it comes to dealing with stupid people, bigots, clueless customers, and idiotic drivers - especially those who drive while talking on their cel phones. Am I the only one who dreams about front-mounted car missiles? <P>