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PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2001 4:06 am
by Shiro
<IMG SRC="">I'm getting a second comic! <IMG SRC=""><P>I came up with the idea earlier this week and just pitched it to Keenspace. This is going to be a fantasy mini-series that updates M-W-F and moves a bit faster than AM does. <P><B>General information:</B>
It's going to be called The Way of the World. The plot centers around the lives of people who are affected by a holy war between two rival kingdoms. <P>Included are a nomadic "barbarian" tribe, a group of honor-bound thieves, two mysterious kids, and one of my most popular characters, Mr. Lion. (Ironically, the only people here who know Mr. Lion are ToonQueen and Lesath, but he's been in two failed comic books before this, and most people agree that he's pretty cool.)<P>I have a three-page preview set up at <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> . I will keep everyone notified on further developments. The site's url is going to be

PostPosted: Fri Mar 09, 2001 6:32 am
by Dedos
I envy you people with so much time to draw all your comics! ^_^
(But in a good way)

PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2001 11:18 am
by ToonQueen
MISTER LION!!!!!!!!! HE COULD KICK SIMBA'S A$$ *aside* if he was a few decades younger that is *cough* Is that the Disney movie like comic you drew in art class back in the day? I loved that comic!!!!!! Disney has been having such crappy movie sequals I bet you could sell it to them for a lot of money $_$

PostPosted: Sun Mar 11, 2001 11:44 am
by Shiro
Mr. Lion could kick Simba's ass? What would he do? Drool on Simba?<P>I'm going to put up the old Disney-like comic I made on a crappy site for anyone who wants to see it.<P>But the one I'm starting is completely different. Not Disney-like at all.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2001 4:43 am
by Shiro
Two important announcements today (3/21):
<marquee> <IMG SRC="">It's my birthday!!!!! <IMG SRC=""></marquee>
Also, the account for the series is ready. It probably won't be going up officially until late May/early June, but it's there.<P>However, if that Keenmercial crap they're proposing is really offensive, I may just learn Java, take my sites and move 'em. To where, I don't know.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2001 5:18 am
by Gordon
Happy Birthday, Katherine!!!!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 21, 2001 9:13 am
by Dedos
Yeah, like totally..
Happy Birthday!!!<P>But.. why would you need to learn Java to move your sites?? Maybe some JavaSCRIPT, or Perl, or VBScript.. but not Java. ^_^ Not that you *couldn't*.. just not necessary. But hey, who am I to stop progress??<P>(I've been thinking of moving if the keen crap gets so outrageous... why make us suffer if we are a mere pittance of bandwidth? *sigh*)<p>[This message has been edited by Dedos (edited 03-21-2001).]

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2001 4:01 am
by Shiro
I mean learn whatever it is that allows you to build templates. I only started using a computer last summer - made a lot of progress since then, but I still don't know all the terms.<P>Also, I just uploaded my entire new site. The series starts May 21, and I'm going to get a separate forum for it. There's not much up there now, only a few character sketches in the art page.<P>But if you really want to see, <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> .

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2001 5:37 am
by Shiro
Forum's here. <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2001 11:39 am
by Gwalla
I gather that Keenmercials require a thumbs-up from the cartoonist of the site in which they would run. So no worries. And Keenspace uses only a small fraction of the total Keen bandwidth, so Gav at least isn't too worried about that.<P>I would, however, encourage you to use PNGs instead of GIFs. They tend to be smaller (especially with black and white...can you say "1-bit color depth", boys and girls? <IMG SRC=""> ), and that means faster loading. There's been <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>a discussion of them in Keenspot Central</A>. I posted a message to that thread with links to several useful PNG tools, if you're interested, including a couple of programs that convert from GIF to PNG.<P>------------------
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