Maybe I'm not a good enough ho

Postby WreckFat on Tue Jul 24, 2001 4:42 am

You do know that you've already pimped Receptor Fatigue, correct? Maybe that fan art had something to do with it, or maybe I just didn't earn my keep the last time, so you're making me work the streets again. Whatever the reason, I am grateful, I'd just hate to think I'm stealing airtime from other worthy comics when I've already had my turn.<P>------------------
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Postby NotoriousMEQ on Thu Jul 26, 2001 7:57 am

hey, so long as the customers don't complain.. ^_~<P>I love my hoes.<P>------------------
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Postby ZOMBIE USER 2125 on Mon Jul 30, 2001 11:33 am

You're one of the best pimps I've ever known <IMG SRC="">
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Postby Shleb on Tue Jul 31, 2001 6:40 am

That's cause she's my pimp <IMG SRC=""> Oh wait or am I here pimp...damn I can't remember.<P>Always
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Postby Damonk13 on Tue Jul 31, 2001 7:04 am

*tries to pimp his hoe to local farmers*<P>*fails miserably*<P>------------------
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