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Postby Rtist54 on Mon May 28, 2001 1:03 am

I partly agree with you, Megs. War is pretty nuts, but it is forever inevitable. And I don't think that people should remember what wars are fought for. Afterall, MOST of the people that had to fight, were boys who hadn't had minds developed to think for themselves. Those who HAD minds were excused from the war, and went to college. <P>The politics of war, usually spirals down to money, but it's not the politicians fighting. It's those poor boys who cared nothing about their country when they were there. The boys who cared nothing about the politics. They just cared about getting out alive. So I say this memorial day, everyone SHOULD remember those who fought. I am a vietnam buff. And I'm still hurt to know that after a fourteen year war, many US citizens didn't recognize those that fought in he war. Many spit on them because of their anti-war beliefs. Even if they were forced to go abroad, at least they tried.<P>I appreciate them for that, and I always will. <P>---Pauly<P>------------------
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Postby Mia47 on Mon May 28, 2001 5:52 am

is it not important though to remember the past in order to not make the same mistakes again? in no way do i condone war, but i believe that it is important to honor those whose saw fit to risk their lives (and in many cases lost them). my personal thing is the philippines in WWII. and the area where i live remembers the Bataan Death March, where 10,000 men died. tragedies should never be forgotten, but at the same time, we cannot obsess.<P>i do not know if humanity can ever leave war behind and make it an archaic instrument of the past. but let us all remain hopeful, and not decry those who died for us...
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Postby NotoriousMEQ on Mon May 28, 2001 7:24 am

<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>You can read more responses here</A><P>i think my main reason for posting that rant was to remind myself what memorial day is (not just barbecues). pauly's repsonse (and another by my friend who is vietnamese) made me almost feel badly for my views. But I'm not sure if i totally belive what i wrote anyway- it's all based off J.D. Salinger (damn the man) in a way. My main point was that a lot of people went to Vietnam (and other wars the US is currently engaged in that they don't really beling in) were idealogical wars fought to prove to the old generation of WWII vets that their generation could be heroes too. It's awful that when they came home men who fought for what they believed in were ridiculed and ignored.<P>I'd like to hear more thoughts. it's kinda a difficult subject, esp for someone like me to talk about it because i've never actually experienced it. And i always like to have people try to prove me wrong. If everyone were to agree with me, without a challenge, how could i know what I said was really right for myself?<P>------------------
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