omg why doesn't anybody read riboflavin

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omg why doesn't anybody read riboflavin

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here's why, the archives don't work.



get smarchive keenspace-emulating php archiver from so that everyone can enjoy the grandeur that is riboflavin BIOTCHES

because you know you want to and because you know I want to read your goddamn archives again mr. thorpe. you know I do.

I DO. and maybe other people too.. ? anyway good luck on Hare Borne and please make your archives available because I am already saddened by the loss of Out of Fika from the internet and I don't want to see Faun and Raile sink into the same nonexistant abyss without my prior going through the archives like a rabid bastard several times. please.

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Hey, I know I'd like to have working archives... otherwise I would've taken the link to the comic and this message board out of my bookmarks folder.