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Postby Shepherd on Thu Mar 28, 2002 8:57 am

An excerpt, because I'm trying to drum up some traffic right now...

Informal Communist Discussion

Goddamn Communists and their goddamn Communist hot rods keep driving up and down all over my Capitalist street, spreading filthy Communist exhaust all over my starched white Capitalist linen. I hate those Communists and their hot rods, souped-up muscle cars with big tires and roll cages, laughing and snorting cocaine and pointing at me and saying "down with the Capitalists, man." Driving arround in their Communist hot rods. They leave pot holes in the roads, these jacked-up funny cars, burnt rubber all over the intersections of the Capitalist streets as the Communists hammer down on the pedal and just go, baby, roaring off into a sunset free of McDonald's burgers and refined sugar injected into baby carrot shoots to make them more appealing to children. Burnt rubber stink and they're gone and all the old people come out of their houses onto Libertarian porches and say "there go the Communists" and sit and rock and look at the Capitalist pavement as the Monarchists walk their bulldogs. But the goddamn Communists are always back the next day in their goddamn Communist hot-rods, waving organic bread and belching fire and squealing up and down my Capitalist streets.
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Postby Toddandpenguin on Thu Mar 28, 2002 2:52 pm

Damned Capitalists and their swine ways. So smug and content about their wealth, military, and power. People blindly waving flags, owing their allegiance to a land built on theft, murder, blood, sorrow, and enslavement, singing songs about "freedom", sucking down Coca Cola whilst driving in their Giant Mammoth SUV's, their biggest worry of the day being if they will be able to vacation in Cancun next month, not realizing that all of this comes at a cost. A deadly cost indeed to those who happen to be under that big corporate/political thumb.
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