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Postby Shadowydreamer on Thu Jan 31, 2002 3:56 am

**REVIEW -- Maybe "Spoilerish!"** .. and contains boring stuff you probably don't care about<P>When I say "Spoilerish" I don't mean I'll mention plot points or anything, but the general overview of the movie and my opinions there of.. Some people have different ideas on what a spoiler is than others and I'd rather foreworn than get shot down in flames. (I will probably for my *opinion* of the movie, but hey..)<P>Okee -- So, the Escaflowne movie is currently playing in a Vancouver Theatre. (Tinseltown downtown for those in the neighborhood.)<P>VSWAT, my anime club, decided to make a night of it. We went out to Tatlow's in Kit's and had an amazing dinner, then headed to the theatre.<P>Met up with some VJAS people, rounded up the rest of our club and killed time for an hour.<P>There's the background of the night.. On with the relevant stuff. ^_^<P>I have only seen a couple of episodes on the TV show, and certainly not in any sensible order.. But I enjoyed of it what I'd seen.. So I figured the movie would be a good time..<P>Wow, was I wrong. I think it was the standard problem of trying to cram 50+ episodes into an hour and a half length movie. A summary review would be "Sure was pretty, too bad the story was crap."<P>The movie was rated PG-13, a very generous PG-13, which really isn't doing any favours to the reputation of Anime amongst those not familiar with it. There was A LOT of gore and violence. This doesn't bother me per say, but it was equal with what you'd find in a Steven Segal movie.. and those tend to be rated "R" .. Even though it's a cartoon, it should maintain the same standards.<P>Anyway.<P>It flitted between "grossly violant" to "wafting romance" with no real warning or adjustment. One minute, heads are being hacked off, the next, Female Lead (Hitomi) is making puppy dog eyes..<P>And I don't know if it was a translation problem (This was the dubbed version, done in Ocean Studios in North Vancouver) but I found the Hitomi's statements very inconsistant, illogical and didn't really make much sense. (To avoid using a movie example.. it'd be like she says "Oh! I love this wine!" and promptly pours it in the nearest bush.)<P>There was no real explanation into the various characters you got thrown at you, no explanation to their relationship with each other (Beyond Van's, the male lead), and no real background on anything.<P>One of the girls with us assured me that it was all explained in the TV show.. but it would have been nice if there was some guide for the new viewers..<P>The dubbing, in my opinion was on the upper side of average. (El Hazard being good, Cat Girl Nuku Nuku being bad) There were some spots were it was off, but for the most part it was fine. (Unless you're a mad dub hater and then it doesn't matter what i say, you'll hate it anyway ^_^ )<P>Over all, I give this movie a complete thumbsdown. It really wasn't worth the money I paid for it.. The only reason I'd advise people to see it would be to support Bandai in bringing *more* anime movies to the big screen.<P>The one good thing is .. it intrigued me enough to go get the TV show and watch THAT. Obviously the premise and the original is a very enjoyable story with great characters and story.. but it, like Akira, couldn't be stuck into movie length without story and characters both sufferng greatly.
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I am not that familiar with anime, other than the old Voltron cartoons. Do they count? As for anime movies, they don't show them here at all.<P>~dave<P>------------------
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