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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2001 10:21 am
by Glych
Hola-<P>I like what I see. you're on your way, and even though my strip is barely "older" than yours, I've been frequenting soooo many lately that I've been seeing pretty much the same things:<P>1) I like the Penguin. He'll be a fun character to pursue.<P>2) Your early colors are a bit harsh. But you rectified this in later episodes.<P>3) what is Todds work?<P>4) the bear is cute, but we never did see the stain.<P>5) Will Sally be a reaccuring character?<P>6) The story is very stagnant right now. Will it be a storyline based? or a joke based comic?<P>7) There will be a KEEN CON with July in San Diego...I would attend if only to bug other cartoonists.<P>8)Character developement is key. Have fun, you're off to a great start.<P>I'll keep peeking in every now and again to see how you're doing.<P>If you want some help with the coding, I could help with that too (i.e. the lack of archives and/or date on your old back episodes, or that insanely large image on the top of your message fix it e-mail the Keenspace Message board guy, or go to the questions board above yours and ask him how to change it)<P>G'Luck <P>And may the <i>Farce</i> be with you (current storyline...)<P>-glych<P>------------------
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2001 5:01 am
by Toddandpenguin
Wow! My first criticism! I'm so sick of all the people who say I am great and the next big thing, and those damned syndicators breathing down my back with contract offers! Thankfully there are people who will point out what is wrong with my stuff. Seriously though, thanks for your interest, and critique. I will now comment on your questions point by point.<P>1) The penguin is glad u like him. He tries hard to be loved, and suffers from low self esteem from childhood abandonment.<P>2) The early colors being harsh. Yes, this is before I learned the secret to coloring from Satan, who has since been a guiding force behind all of my work.<P>3) Todd works as a male gigolo, pimping himself to elderly affluent women. Actually the job thing will be addressed in tomorrow's comic and next week's storyline. <P>4) The bear's stain was cleaned. He was happy to have a clean paw.<P>5) Sally will not be a reAccuRing character, but will be a reOccurring character. <IMG SRC=""> (sorry, just felt the urge to be critical back) <IMG SRC=""><P>6) The story being stagnant. Well, I had a whole storyline involving drugs, a Parisian brothel, and some international intrigue, but it was censored by the Keenspace gestapo. The comic will be a bit of both. story and joke based. <P>7) You being at KeenCon to annoy other cartoonists. I find that people are most annoyed when you poke them with very sharp objects repeatedly even thought they ask you to please for the love of god, stop. I also find that the police tend to arrest you after doing it to strangers in the park.<P> --the insanely large image on my board. It's not large. I have a huge ego!<P> What do you suggest for the archives? Thanks for your input. Any code advice would be welcome as I am a novice at the web page thing.
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2001 5:53 am
by Glych
About the archives...a very simple code added to your dailytemplate.html: This code is (Drum roll please?)
*drum roll*
This will let people see what day they are on, also maybe a date on there. I'm not sure, but it's in the keenspacers handbook. (Looks like: "Jan. 17, 2001-Tuesday") Or something...
I'll steal my own code if you want it.<P>-glych<P>------------------
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