Halloween Cameo Caper 2010

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Halloween Cameo Caper 2010

Postby Hogan on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:06 am

The crazies are at it again...

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the Halloween Cameo Caper is going for another round of cameoing crossovering Halloween madness come this October!

It has for more years than the Caper has been in existence, become the norm for a lot of webcomics to do something special around Halloween, especially stunts that involved other comics and/or dressing up of characters have been common!
Since such out-of-canon activities at special occasions like this are liked by, we'll like to promote this great opportunity for interaction by inviting all webcomic-artists and their characters to take part in this years Halloween Cameo Caper!

Now, to get a little more specific... the Halloween Cameo Caper is an event centered on the 31th of October where characters from all interested comics (no kind, style or hosts are bared) are invited to one hell of a party in a place especially chose fo the Annual Caper. The original concept is that, at the date of Halloween (or the day closest to, taking updates schedules into accounting), the particpating artists post a strip (canon, none-canon, filler etc.) on their site or in the forum, showing their characters and as many characters from other comics as possible, having fun and celebrating the event at the chosen place!
All strips will be collected on a Hub for the years Caper, to be shown off as the Caper proceeds and for posterity.

Thats the concept you sign up for! One strip at the day of Halloween... BUT... nothing prevents any and all participant from creating whole storylines centered around the event, storylines the go way before and beyond the month of October and Halloween Eve, and there are nothing to prevent the participating webcomics from joining up and forming crossovers with each other for the sake of the event, exactly like it has been done before! Actually... its recommended to do so, but not a demand ;)

The essence of it all is for everybody, artist and readers alike, to have fun! To try ones skill at drawing others characters and to see them interact!

... besides that, it's also a great way to promote ones own comic! ;-)

The first year the Caper went to the town of Shelterville in the old Wild West, 2007 went to Disneyland orbiting a faraway planet in the near future, and in 2008 a a "local" zombie-filled mall was throughoutly thrashed... not to mention the chaos in the old mysteriously haunted castle of Overlook in 2009...

... as for this year's Caper:

--- Incoming message ---

Mayday! Mayday! SOS! Khaklars!

This is Captain Rumsque of the Refuge Colony Ship of Nostromummy!
We are lost in space and don’t know where we are or when we are!

The core of our warp-engines has suffered a critical failure and the core has been breached, causing a pulsing time-warp that threatens both the ship and surrounding space! Already now we feel its effects running through the ship…

We don’t know the cause of this breach, was it caused by strife between some of the onboard factions of various races from the Home World, or has it something to do with what we found on that alien wreck? Was it damage taken during the Star Pirate attack and the battles onboard following their raids, leaving hole sections to be barred, or was it the bio-uprising in the center-court during the celebration-preparations that spread?
I can’t say what's the cause, our Chief Engineer might be able to, but he has… changed.

We can no longer navigate, the bridge having come offline and time and space are collapsing around us! Within long we will hit the twin-suns unless we get help!

I’m holed up in the com-section but I can hear them getting near… if anyone hears this, please send help, whenever or wherever you are, if you have the ability, please co… oh my! They are coming! They are com…. *kzzzzzzzh*

--- End of Message ---

What do you say? Does that sound intriguing and alarming to you? Well enough for you to set out and see what’s wrong at RCS Nostromummy and perhaps help the ship, crew and people populating it?
If you are not fully sure of your answer yet, then take a look at the Setting of RCS Nostromummy thread in the Caper's Forum and look at the files of the ship chose as destination for this year’s Caper… unless it’ll meet a fiery demise in the twin suns all too soon!

When you have decided that this is something for you and your characters and you want your all to become a part of the Halloween Cameo Caper 2010, go make a new thread in the Caper's forum, titled your comic’s name, in which you accept the above stated “invitation”, presenting yourself as well as the characters you will send for participation in the Caper aboard the Spaceship, including references for the characters(cast page, strips, drawings etc.) so other artists will know how to draw them. Any and all questions people will have regarding you, your comic, characters and plans for the Caper will be in that thread too!

By doing so you also state that you, at least, at the date of Halloween (or the day closest to, taking updates schedules into accounting), will post a strip (canon, none-canon, filler etc.) on your own site or here in the forum, showing your characters and as many characters from other comics as possible, having fun and celebrating the event aboard the Spaceship Nostromummy!
However, nothing prevents you creating whole storylines centred around the event, crossing over with other comics and co-writing storylines as you go… as a matter of facts, it’s recommended, but not a demand

Deadline for signing up for the Caper is set to 1st of September 2009!

Hope to see you at Nostromummy this Halloween!

- Hogan
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